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  1. Sticky: Link: Name of EB:...


    Name of EB: Deathnado or TwisTerror

    Elements: spirit/air

    Drops: Blisterred Souls

    Friend code: xbh-nrg-hyz
  2. Sticky: Thanks, I'm currently working on another armor,...

    Thanks, I'm currently working on another armor, the ganaga's was a bit sloppy, glad you liked it but hope you like the next one better. Thanks again! :)
  3. Sticky: Design an armor contest

    Platform: iOS

    Name: Ganaga's Tempestial Gaurd (A friend helped me come up with the name; RK FusionGod.

    Elements: Air/Water


    Description: Ganaga is a bird in...
  4. Poll: Rewards

    Don't worry, I got my rewards for winning the epic boss contest around 24 days after they said the rewards were going to be distributed.
  5. Poll: I'll begin with stating that the graphite mess at...

    I'll begin with stating that the graphite mess at the bottom was primarily to cover eraser marks lol. Also when I did the research I found "miles Miltis" to mean solder/warrior/knight (meanings of...
  6. Poll: Thanks

    Thanks for voting for me
  7. Sticky: Epic Armor Submission 2

    Name of Armor: Aegis Of The Searing Tundra
    Elements: Water/Fire
    Friend code: XBH-NRG-HYZ (iOS)
    Description of armor: This armor is a pyro and ice themed armor with the...
  8. Poll: Re:

    When I researched the translations I found "miles Miltis" to mean knight (Latin-English) so I shortened it to Miltis. Also Messorem and metit both mean the same thing. They can translate to multiple...
  9. Sticky: Epic Armor Submission 1

    Armor name: Cyber Knight Sheath

    Suggested elements: Spirit/Fire

    Friend code: XBH-NRG-HYZ

    Minor Diescription: A sword-scythe in one hand, and a flame blaster in...
  10. Epic boss contest submission 2

    Name: Infernum Catęgis ( inferno hurricane in Latin)

    Backstory: Once a champion of the kingdom, Infernum was looked upon as an idol and inspirational knight. But during...
  11. Epic boss contest
    Name: Miltis Messorem (Knight Reaper in Latin)

    Backstory: Mortem Messorem was originally summoned froma the depths of the underworld by the Dark Prince. He aided the...
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