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    Worthless Silver Warchests

    I'd like to know if anyone else has this experience with the silver warchests. I just opened 14 silver warchests and I got 14 worthless uncommon units (such as Python chem). Now, the description under the silver warchests says, "chance for uncommon, chance for rare, small chance for super rare." It SHOULD read, "guaranteed uncommon unit, small chance for rare, almost nonexistent chance for super rare." Seriously, I do not buy silver warchests for this exact reason. I can get the same things in the bronze warchests so why spend twice the gold bars for the silver? But to not even get one rare unit in 14 silver chests?! Wth??? While I'm on this topic, I wonder if people have the same experience with gold chests except it's useless rare units and you rarely see a SR and almost never see a UR. I opened around 15 gold warchests yesterday and I got THREE Great Bombards! I've gotten so many nukes in the time I've been playing this game that I could have an entire army of level 50 nukes. Ditto for low damage units like Duban and Equality Scout and low damage helos and infantry. How does everyone else fare in the unit drops? I hope someone is having better luck! The "random" selection of units seems very unequal. The statistical odds of getting the same unit 3 out of 15 times in a so-called random selection from dozens of different units seem like they would be very small, to say the least. Sorry for the long post. I guess I needed to get that off my chest!
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