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    My idea for an epic boss is Giancarlo Stanley. He is the son of an affluent family with an English father and Italian mother. Born into privelege, Giancarlo was educated at the best schools in the nation and graduated from Harvard with a Masters degree in business and technology. Upon graduation Giancarlo worked at several investment firms as an analyst and IT expert. His career was skyrocketing, but he had one major problem. He had an addiction to gambling. With his debt spiraling out of control, he begins resorting to stealing millions by using his technical expertise. Overcome with greed, he continues to amass a fortune and slowly expands his empire. He uses his wealth to control the city and buy out officials. He has his sights set on controlling everything so he hires some mercenaries to help him control the streets. He is after your turf next so you must be ready to destroy him.

    Beat 100 Times: Melee (Giancarlo's Laptop) atk 85,453 def 97,354 *+20% building output

    Syndicate 300 Times: Vehicle (Giancarlo's Bulletproof Limo) atk 19,242 def 25,905 *+2% Robbery Output

    Wrapper Prize for completing both goals: Armor (Giancarlo's Business Suit) 200,232 atk 240,350 def *-10% upgrade time

    Invite Code: 807 656 228

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    Meet 'Sandi Claws'

    Sandi is a 6' 6" stunning Scandinavian Blonde (think Victoria Silverstedt before the work!); she was the Big Guy in the Red Suits 7th Daughter & was definitely, a Devil in a Red Dress...

    Sandi had a very sweet tooth & was thrown out of the North Pole for stealing all the Christmas Candi & destroying the North Pole workshop; while in suger overloaded stupor...

    Like all waifs & strays; she eventually wound up in Crime City, quickly catching the eye of Don Simone Farzini; leader of one of Crime Cities largest & most powerful Families.

    Alas, their relationship was very short lived...

    On their Wedding Night, Sandi crushed his neck, between her powerful thighs & then, set about removing any of the Don's Capos, who refused to follow her. She got their attention & loyalty; after she brutally slit the throat of the 1st Capo who refused to accept her; taking great pleasure in licking his blood of her stiletto blade!

    Sandi suffers from severe moods swings, caused by her Candi addiction, which is impossible to be slated by anything other than her Father's Secret Recipe. These withdrawals have turned her into a freakishly twisted version of her former self but, only the bravest (or stupidest) person would ever say that to her face...

    Attachment 6916

    Candi still dresses as she did back home; in knee length black leather boots; wearing a long red cloak with a mink fur lined hood. Candi uses a broad black leather belt to tie the coat tightly around her figure & has all of her 'favourite' toys hanging off it, like a webbing or utility belt. This, obviously includes her infamous, stiletto blade 'Candi's Kiss'.

    Candi's Plan is simple, take over Crime City & then, the World...

    Since taking over Don Farzini's Family, she has put her energy & his families immense resources, into trying to recreate
    her beloved 'Candi' & she's getting close... She has managed to create a special Candi which makes her followers stronger than normal & she bestows these special 'favours' on all who please her...

    Syndicate Goal - 300 Kills
    Reward - Candi's Favour (Armour) Atk 25,250 / Def 25,120 + 2% Mafia Attack (stackable)
    (image should be of either a single or bag of round sweets - the wrapper being deep red, embossed with a gothic style S

    Individual Goal - 100 Kills
    Reward - Candi's Kiss (Melee) Atk 108,250 / Def 82,125 +5% Building Upgrade Time
    (image should be of a Commando style Stiletto Blade with Black Hilt & a Black Blade - Gold inlay runs down the centre of the blade from the guard to the point. The bottom of the hilt, just above the guard has a deep read thread wrapped around it & the middle of the hilt has the letters S C embossed, in a gothic styles

    Reward - Sandi's Sleigh (Vehicle) Atk 251,250 / Def 122,525 +5% Mafia Defense
    Candi's has press ganged some of Crime Cities best Scientist's into creating her own special rocket powered sleigh; with which she plans to break into & destroy her Father's workshop; stealing all of the families secrets & using this knowledge to get the World addicted to her Candi & therefore, leave everyone completely at her mercy...
    (image should be of a large Sleigh, with an open cockpit, clearly showing 1-2 rocket engines to the rear. Once again, the Sleigh will be a Deep Red with the letters S C embossed in Gold along the side, in a gothic style. various weaponry & explosives could be added; as she's planning to make a big entrance when she returns home!

    NB: pretty sure that I have yet to receive the 100 Gold for being a Finalist in the previous October Appreciation Design Event...
    & I definitely was not contacted by PM about this...

    Invite Code - Mimi 542 387 207

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    Epic Boss Submission #2

    Meet the Kosov twins. Vladimir and Natascha are Russian twins that were sent over from Russia by the Russian mafia to take over crime city. Both have model good looks and are tall, fit, and imposing. Vladimir has scars down the side of his face from his stint in the Russian prison system. His sleeves are decked out with various Russian mafia tattoos and his chosen weapon his a koch p30 with a silencer. His twin sister is clean cut with flawless skin and a killer smile. She like to slit her adversaries throats with a variety of small, concealed knives. They kill first and ask questions later. Their next target is the leader of your syndicate so you must do whatever it takes to join together and stop them.

    Boss will trigger as normal (one of the twins) with the exception that both twins will appear 1 out of 10 time chance. If you defeat both twins (double strength) 10 times then you get additional goal prize.

    100 prize - Kosov Private Jet (vehicle) 83,759 atk 79,349 def / +1 building upgrade
    300 prize - Kosov Omerta Blade (melee) 85,673 atk 86,347 def / +2% influence
    Wrapper - Kosov Sniper Rifle (gun) 238,527 atk 214,395 def / +20% building output
    Prize for beating both twins 10 times - Kosov Molotov Cocktail (explosive) 138,724 atk 99,993 def / building duplication (allows you to build any building ever released for the same initial cost) (can now have 3 copies)

    Invite Code - 686 145 454
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    Entry #2

    Cyborg S.A.M.
    The Mayor of Empire City has commissioned Empire Science labs to develop a weapon to assist the police force in a Street Assault Mission against the crime lords running rampant in the city. A team of scientist and engineers and have developed an Artificial highly intelligent Cyborg who primary mission is to eliminate the city Crime lords and dismantle there syndicates and make Empire city once again a safe city for all.
    beat 100 bosses:
    -design: same as "mech armor" different colors
    -name: Cyborg armor
    -mod: 15% armor defense
    -stats: whatever is appropriate
    beat daily syn goal:
    -design:futuristic type grenade
    -name: Cyborg bombs
    -mod: 2% explosive attack
    -stats: whatever is appropiate
    beat 100 bosses and syn goal:
    -weapon: Gun
    -design: similar to gun used in “mech armor” design
    -name:Cyborg Cannon
    -mod +3 street assault deploys every regeneration every cycle
    -stats: whatever is appropiate


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