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  • "Hallow” Cannon

    3 2.44%
  • E.G Muay Thai Building

    7 5.69%
  • The Neutralizer Suit

    8 6.50%
  • The Time Clock

    52 42.28%

    3 2.44%
  • Lightning Blade

    7 5.69%
  • Hell's Fury

    22 17.89%
  • Robin Da Hood

    3 2.44%
  • Freddy's Nightmare

    4 3.25%
  • The Bigger Influence

    14 11.38%
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    Voting In-Game Design Contest

    Here are your finalist for the In-Game Item Design Contest. Please use the above to vote! Refer back to the original post for rules and regulations:

    *Final entry may be subject to change at the game teams discretion.

    Finalist #1:

    Item: The Hater Cannon or "Hallow" Cannon

    Orange and black cannon (since it's close to Halloween)
    This item has 30k attack and 31k defense with a 3% explosive attack (Halloween)
    This item could be the prize for upgrading the new LTB, "The Haunted Hotel"

    The Haunted Hotel is an old abandoned hotel designed like the Atlantic Hotel in Shoreline but a black building.
    It should have a red ghost or orange pumpkin on the rear of the building

    Batman 536 346 207

    Finalist #2

    E.G Muay Thai Building

    Level 1 is currently 18 defense (+200% gives this 54 defense)
    Level 2 is currently 27 defense (+400% gives this 135 defense)
    Level 9 is currently 90 defense (+1800% gives this 1710 defense)
    Level 10 is currently 99 defense (+2000% gives this 2079 defense)

    This would help make the defensive buildings more worthwhile. Somewhat useful for Missile Turrets (8,064 def at level 10 with this modifier)

    Cynicalmofo Code: 580 278 427

    Finalist #3

    My 3rd idea is an armor called the neutralizer suit. It emits radioactive energy that negates all modifiers (influence and stat) of both attacker and defender during battle. It has 100,000 attack and 100,000 defense.

    quityourwhining Invite Code: 686145454

    Finalist #4

    "The Time Clock"

    This respectable piece of architecture would make an ideal limited time building.
    This building can be upgraded to ten , two options would work for this building
    a)it has the power to reduce recovery times when at war and during raid bosses.
    b)or it could reduce upgrade times 1-10%

    Code:397 391 573

    Finalist #5


    Item Type: Melee
    Stats: 77k attk / 55k def
    Description: The hand of the divine! The spiritual awakening you experience when you hold this weapon allows a player to get an extra 10% cash from all robs. So a building that gives you 200k when you rob it will now give you 220k.

    Bishop99 CODE: 147 224 983

    Finalist #6

    Here's the "Lightning Blade" (235k Attack; 196k Defense), a unique melee weapon that comes with a +5% Influence Points mod (simular to the Tilda Blade). This prize can be awarded for completing the last Elite level of Raid Boss for example. Let's give new dedicated players the chance to get such a great prize !
    LoG William 414-604-903

    Finalist #7

    Item name: Hell's Fury
    Artwork of item:
    Description of item: It is a melee item with more attack stat than defense.

    Hurricane 353507846

    Finalist #8

    Robin Da Hood

    The Design
    A guy dressed as Robin Hood.

    This item would be in the form of a special item and would be in the special tab of your inventory. It would have no attack or defence stats. Each one you own would give you an extra 10% mod on the cash and respect you get from robbing & attacking other players.

    How You Get It
    The item would be awarded for completing levels in a pvp event. Each pvp level would consist of attacking a certain amount of players and robbing a certain amount of a specific building. For example level 1 would require you to attack 10 rivals and rob 1 loft, before you could move on to level 2. There would be 10 levels and getting all 10 Robin Da Hoods would give an extra bonus of being able to rob 100% of the money from any building in 1 hit.

    Dodge 796 027 089

    Finalist #9

    Freddy's Nightmare

    Melee Wpn - Atk 131313 Def 131313

    the infamous clawed glove, dripping in blood.
    should be a high level Event Reward & due to fear caused, increase players Influence Points in Battle by +13%

    Mimi 542 387 207

    Finalist #10

    "The Bigger Influence"
    A gun weapon with stats 233k/213k which comes with a +10 IP per hit mod.
    This could be the Epic Boss wrapper. It is golden coloured gun. Looks something like this:

    BRAVO 6
    ID: 416 340 616

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    Vote for bravo! #10 the big influence

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    Without a doubt number 4!

    reduce upgrade times 1-10%

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    I believe only the winner gets the winning prize ,not the whole community

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    Sure, but their ideas being released, no? Or am i day dreaming?

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    Exiled Mafia
    Ahhhhhh! Vote for number 1 yall! The Hallow Cannon!

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    def gotta vote for bravo 6 love tye ip mod idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundercat4 View Post
    Vote for bravo! #10 the big influence
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Brunt View Post
    def gotta vote for bravo 6 love tye ip mod idea
    BRAVO 6 lvl167 7B/3.3B 172mil IPH
    Asphalt Assassins

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    Going with #4. We really need some mods that are purely stat related.

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    Best Item

    Definitely vote for #3! The Neutralizer Suit
    It levels the playing field.

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    item 3

    I am voting for 3. Looks good

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    wrong link for #7

    Finalist #7 the link is actually :

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    #4 for sure. Faster building upgrade.

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    I'm pretty sure that some of these would be difficult or impossible to code, and Freddy's claw would probably not fly.
    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...
    Still mad at Bostick.

    I'll be back when the moderation is reasonable. Enjoy the forum you created, Gree.

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    Voting for#4 faster upgrades better IPH

    Plus EEE rocks!
    Level 145
    Att: 54K
    Def: 67K
    IPH: 1.15M

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