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Thread: Power Boost

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    This unit upgrade has been a seismic shift in the game. I am finally getting my head around it and adjusting to the new landscape. I now welcome it - I think it was the right thing to do. With hindsight, the different categories were too close together before. So now some of us will be thinking about dumping some of our Rare units. Let's hope they don't change it all again!

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    I have been steadily getting my ass kicked by everything since the power boost. I have many 20 and 30 level SR. and UR units but none that can survive what I am going up against. Seems you now have to spend lots of real money in the hope of getting an Orontes or 2 to have any chance anymore. Time to find something else to waste time on.

    I completely agree, it is eiyher feast or famine, either i roll out one SR unit and win against weaker players or campaign opponents (weaker meaning all Rares) or i get beat by one UR rolling down the field. I loved the game when there were some tactics involved and longer battles.

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