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    Entry: 2

    Name: bleumoon eagis
    Discription:a bleu armor with a steaming bleu aura
    Game name:Sith kick
    Guild:hounds of helfire
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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyChicken123 View Post
    hey how do u upload the image of your drawing
    On the right side of the toolbar there is a globe with a chain link icon press that to add a link. Also it helps to be viewing this as a desktop site rather then a mobile site

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    Epic armor submission #3

    Raging Lion Mail
    Pure fire element
    With a roaring torrent of flame and a raging spirit. The raging lion mail consumes the spirits of the weak and timid.
    OK with the increasing competition I'm trying harder. Last submission.

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    Talking "Ascetic Battlegear"

    Armor I :

    Armor name : "Ascetic Battlegear"

    Elements : Fire/Water

    Image 1 :,wo9xx0a,2k6iOAK#1

    Image 2 (it's with description) :,wo9xx0a,2k6iOAK

    Image 3 (K&D model) :

    My friend code : WBC-DNH-FNG
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    My epic armor design

    Suggested names of the armor: Armor of Ragnarok or Armor of the Destroyer

    Suggested element: Fire/Earth

    Pictures of the armor:

    Full armor:

    Helmet(closer look):

    Axe(closer look):

    NB! Updated shield design:

    Name: WG Killswitch
    Guild: Warriors guild
    Friend Code: WBG-CCP-MGR

    Hope you guys like it, and give it a vote!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KnDAndy View Post
    This is my first entry for this Epic Armour Contest.
    Gree, do I need the avatar + 1st and 2nd evolutions? I can make them if needed.

    In Game Name: BTR GYPSY or BTR Andy
    Guild: Bring The Rain
    Friend Code: WBX - HRH - ZYV (Android)

    Armour Name: Death God's Robes
    Elements: Spirit/Earth
    I'm root in 4 u

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    My armour submission:
    Name: Armour of the Lycan
    Elements: Fire / Earth
    Friend code: XBC-QYN-ZXF
    Guild: Ritellian Knights


    The helmet is supposed to be a wolf face with the scales/mane of a dragon
    The weapon is a double sided blade Inspired by the batlef (sorry Trekkies if I misspelled) with magma drips over the blade
    The shield is forged from the dragons scales of the wing and the talons converted to war boots
    Colouring should be a mix of earth tones and blood red fire
    The armour should also be a mesh of fur, metal and scales

    I hope you all enjoy the armour

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    Zeus's aegis element: wind/water Friend code: wbn-qgx-gbm

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    Epic Armor

    Entry 3 : Juggernaut Platemail Fire/Air, Mono Fire, Fire/Earth
    Friend Code : WBG-WXQ- RDP
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    Zeus's aegis element: wind/water. Friend code:wbn-Qgx-gbm

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    Dragon master aegis Entry #2

    Swords: Armor: Helmet: Elements: wind/rock or water/rock Friend code: wbn-qgx-gbm

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    armor design

    Armor name: Cursed War
    Armor type: Spirit & Fire
    Inspired by War from Darksiders
    Knight name: Sparx
    Guild name: Dark nights of chaos
    Friend Code: WBY-QXZ-NCY

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    Hellish Raiment

    Title: Hellish Raiment
    Description: A fiendish Earth/Fire (could be made mono-fire) armor dual wielding flaming lava scimitars. Crafted straight from the Devil itself.

    To View Armor:
    (Sorry for the crayon coloring, couldn't find colored pencils)

    Friend Code: XBF-PNX-VXD
    My name in KnD : BPAInstigator

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by OKC Thresh View Post
    This is my first entry for the contest:

    Name Dragoon Warplate
    Description This armor was once worn by a legendary warrior in the Knights and Dragons realm. Legend has it that the warrior with the ferocity of a dragon was able to slay countless enemies of the Prince of Darkness from long ago. The warrior disappeared and was said to have left behind his armor hidden in the depths of the Misty Marsh. Hidden... Until now. This armor sports a simple design of plated armor with a more mobile and agile feel. The weapon, a spear, is crafted from the tooth of the Ancient Dragon Eurus. Still much remains a mystery to this armor, but soon the world can unlock its long forgotten secrets.
    Suggested Element: Water/Spirit
    Friend Code: XBF - CYZ - RCV
    Notes: This armor was inspired by the idea of having a lighter looking epic armor. This armor should probably be one with a higher ATK rating due to its lightness in the amount of armor. I didn't add a particularly heavy helmet either to illustrate that point; however, I leave Gree with the artistic creativity to create one, as well as permission to tweak my armor in whatever way they see fit.

    Nice Kitsune headgear

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    Furious vanguard

    A wind wolf god themed assasin armor with laser-like magic claws

    Picture of the design:
    armor name: Furious vanguard
    suggested elements: air-earth
    Friend code: WBH-FWN-WZY
    Particle effect: normal air element particle effect

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