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    Epic Armor Design

    Scrooge's helper
    A dark colored armor to represent scrooge before he liked christmas. with a waxed handle of a sword and a fire blade.
    name: HOH HC Phantom
    guild: Hawaii Obake Hunters
    Friend Code: WBMPVQNGF
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    Claus armor

    This is my armor I hope u guys think it's ok my drawing skills suck

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    Epic Armor Design 2

    Nebuletic Discrete Vortex Platemail
    All elemental armor
    space looking armor
    HOH HC Phantom
    Hawaii Obake Hunters

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    Epic Armor Contest

    Name of Armor: InfernoLapis Robes

    Description: This armor is very detailed and has many components.
    Staff is made of weaved vines at the top with a 4 mini firery balls orbiting a shiny stone then as you work down from the top there is a section of fire this is just a way to incorporate both of the elements and it looks more effective there is move weaved bits and finishes with fire. the shield is simply but suits the elements it is made of rocks at the top and then some flames at the bottom in the middle i have designed a crest that brings the bull theme into the idea. moving onto the armor itself it has got some flames and vines and horns i will have to tell you what colours you could use as i do not have any coloured pens/pencils at my disposal
    Most of the places containing fire will be shades of red orange and yellow the vines are browns with some dark green leaves on it aswell the rest is up to the designers orbs on the armour will be orange with small stars in it.

    Suggested Elements: Earth/Fire

    Guild: Brotherhood of Death

    Friend code: WBRBBPPHN

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    Aegis of the Lionheart

    Here is my armor
    Armor Name: Aegis of the Lionheart
    Element: Spirit/Water

    IGN: TBT Puccana
    Guild: The Blood Tigers
    Friend Code: XBM-YWY-FWB

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    Epic armor design

    Firstly question to the moderator my guild mate can't seem to post his epic armor design is this OK? If so here it is
    Armor name: Lion Hunter Aegis
    Elements: Earth/Air
    Description: Lion hunter aegis is an earth/air armor that sets out to destroy the dark prince because it is appauled with his reign over the knights and dragons kingdom
    Friend code is in the image
    Image Link:

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    create epic armor question

    My friend and I are both working on an armor together. I would like to know if that is okay because we worked really hard on it. I hope I get a response soon to see if that is okay.

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    Epic armor

    This is an ok armor but I stink at drawing

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    Epic armor

    This is an ok armor but I stink at drawing

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    Neptune Vanguard

    InGame name: TFW Paddy
    Guild: The First Watch
    Friend Code: XBV-HXQ-CYV

    Suggested Elements: Water and Wind

    My inspiration came from the Roman God Neptune. The shield and robe sizes probably need to be changed, I wasn't sure because they vary in game.

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    Aurora Shardplate

    In game look (colour):
    Another version I made (black and white):
    Please, look at both images

    Name: Aurora Shardplate
    Element: Starmetal

    During great times of beautiful Auroras, there would be rare times, where they would drop shards from the colorful mass of power. These shards landed together, and with outerworldy powers, became the Aurora Shardplate. With these powers and colors, it is strong against all the elements, otherwise known as a Starmetal. With these powers, this Aurora Shardplate is deemed to humans, in hopes of one day conquering the evil that roam the land.

    In Game Name: RECRUTINepicduck
    Guild: The Rainbow Empire
    Code: XBM - GGY - FPX

    P.S. Second entry... For first entry:

    I hope you like the armor design! Thanks!
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    Dec 2014

    HellSpike PlateMail

    FluffyChicken123 Epic Armour

    Friend code XBM-GVB-GCD

    Plz like thx

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    Epic Armor Contest

    For my fourth and last one epic armor design, I decided to make a CHROMATIC element armor wich is called the Star Chromatic Mantle it's a gold and yellow armor.


    P.S.: the tail on the helmet is red, and the long stripes are whites

    Friend code: XBB- HFH-HYB (IOS)

    Guild: Anzio Legio Victrix

    LineID: Bartelome(Pascal)

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    Dec 2014

    Epic Armor Contest Entry #2

    This armor is not something I drew but a armor i think would look amazing none the less.
    for the helmet i would suggest adding a patriots hat. His/her eyes would glow red or white.
    Both weapons would have a golden glow to the blades that would match the handles.

    Name: Patriot's Guard
    Elements: Fire/Water
    Friend Code: WBX-ZZG-NFP

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    Epic Armor Submisson Entry#1

    Name:Cresent(Waxxing Moon)Chromantic
    Colors:Sky Blue, Gold
    Armour Image:
    KnD Name:GL Cookiie
    LINE ID:ayye_geerles
    First Entry.

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