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    Epic Armor Contest Entry: Harvest Robes


    Friend Code: XBN-VQM-GQF

    Ingame Name: SoggySlamRR Kaos

    Harvest Robes is a Fire/water t10 war epic. The stats of the armor would be 2509/2201 for + version and 2306/1975 for normal version. The sword is supposed to look like corn cob husks are hanging down from it and that corn cobs are behind the armors back (similar to a cape). And then fruit is sitting on the armors head and shield.

    Guild: Kaos

    Operating System: iOS

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    create your own epic armor

    Armor name is Rainflame Vanguard
    Elements are f/w
    Colors similar to hydra hunters and
    Mask similar to the king nazgul from LOTR
    My friend code is: XBP NRD PYP
    Hope you like it

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    Dec 2014

    How do u upload image with the link

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean A Roberts View Post Pic #2
    Entry 1: Aegis of Achellie. Spirit/Fire
    The black and white shows better detail its the same entry

    Name: NK Xidus
    Guild: NK Massive
    Friend code: WBR-GPP-CCD

    hey how do u upload the image of your drawing

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    Uploading images

    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyChicken123 View Post
    hey how do u upload the image of your drawing
    I think you have to create an account on imgur and upload the files to there. Then somehow include the link to the pic in your submission. Anyone have any more info than this?

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    Firemistic platemail

    Name of armor is FIREMISTIC PLATEMAIL

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    Talking Plated Treant Vesture

    I had to get in this!
    Why no one considered a treant based armor I'll never know
    Pretty sure I didn't have to make the entire evolution line of the armor but meh... ignore my attempt at the aurora
    The quality is a little low because I tried to get out the wrinkles

    Suggested element: earth/spirit
    knights and dragons friend code: WBW-YRG-YCZ

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    Design An Epic Armor Contest

    Armor picture:
    Name of armor: Aegis Of The Beast
    Description: eyes glow red, colors are red and blue and fire surrounds the helmet, design in link above.
    Elements: Fire and water.
    Friend Code: WBN-RGD-DMV

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    Cool My epic armor

    I DEDICATE THIS ARMOR TO MY CURRENT GUILD: UNLIMITEDGEMS hope you guys like it and make it to the top 10 thanks for the opportunity.
    MY KnD name: UG UMP DRACO
    Hope the community likes it

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    Thumbs up Contest Submission: Chromatic Battlesuit Remnants

    Player: BB Lilmantis
    Guild: Boom Bang
    Friend code: WBD VCY VGQ

    Armor name: Chromatic Battlesuit Remnants

    Element: Starmetal (the white pentagon)

    Particle effect: Same as all chromatic mantles

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    Epic Armor Entry

    EPIC Armor: Geode War Gear
    Elements: All but mostly Earth
    Description: A Cracked Geode shield with crystals that spin in the wind causing a vortex to the spirits with a levitating Geode sword and a water-ruffled shirt, gloves, boots, and helmet with black fire opal buttons! Black Red and Purples!

    Forum Name: 292163-Heidi-Deemer-Wilson
    Friend Code: WBQ-ZZC-VMP
    Last edited by Heidi Deemer Wilson; 12-17-2014 at 09:49 PM. Reason: needs a description

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    ıt ıs my first entry but ı forgot my friend code last time NW Shady

    my first design
    name of armor: armor of the rising sun
    elements: fire water
    Armors story: We all know bads always loose but when they died where do their souls go. One of the evilest warior in the world killed by oldest son of the king . kings youngest son hates his brothers. He decides to kill them and goes to a witch. Witch makes an armor with leather and cotton. youngest son of king doesnt like it and he cuts witch's hands witch becames angry and puts all evil wariors soul in that armor and gives it to youngest son of king. After that . Youngest son of king cant controll himself and killed everyone in his kingdom. If you are brave enough wear this cursed armor

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    EPIC Armor Design Entry

    Imperial Battlegear
    Suggested Elements: Earth/Fire
    Friend Code: XBM-PMF-VBZ
    Thank You so much for the opportunity GREE!!! I wish every month was Player Appreciation Month!

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    Epic Armor Submission #1
    An Air/Fire epic
    Thore Blaze Agis

    Guild:Flame Road
    Friend Code:XBF-BZM-YPN

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    Epic Armor Submission #2
    Star metal Armor
    Dark Shard Raiment

    Account:enveeglides.66 (Gree Forums)
    Guild:Flame Road
    Friend Code: XBF-BZM-YPN

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    Entry #1 Musician's Tribal Regalia

    Link to my Twitter profile Tweet:
    In Game Name: King Havoc
    Guild: Kings
    Friend Code: XBM-GVZ-XNY
    Suggested Elements: Mono Fire, Fire/Earth, Mono Earth, Spirit/Earth.
    Backstory: Every king has a jester who crazily acts wild with his wacky dances , the jester likes to sing alot, thus the idea of this armor came about. *Hand drawn in 1hr, so bad quality*

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