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    Black Dragons Doomgarb

    Name: Black Dragons Doomgarb
    Elements: Spirit/Earth

    Friend Code: WBW-ZGV-BYN

    The armor consists of a shield and hammer, crafted from the scales and claws of that epic foe, the Black Dragon. Green plumes, symbolizing the earth element, radiate from the shield and hammer. The helmet grows to resemble the head of the dragon with each evolution.

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    Epic Armor Submission #1

    My sister wanted me to upload her entry for her, so here it is:

    Name: Crystal Warrior's Battlesuit
    Element(s): Spirit/Water

    First form:
    Second form:

    Her username is: Usagi
    Her friend code: XBG-YPC-QBG
    Her guild: Warriors740
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    Design an Epic armor

    Name: poseidons platemail
    Elements: water/wind
    Description: Poseidon's platemail is fit for a god. Equipped with a Greek helmet without Spartan crest, mostly blue/gold/white and wearing to be known as poseidons crown.Its remaining visible face parts are obscured and has a large white beard(except woman version) and glowing blue eyes. Its chestplate is iron armor with the corresponding colors of the helmet with slightly visible abs that form on the armor. Its pants are also armor with same colors. Its weapon is a blue trident with gold tips and gold coral designs throughout the trident. Its shield is a rhombus shaped shield with two waves crashing and posedions image in between with gold clams in the edges. Its aura effect is water falling from waist and white glowing throughout the trident and/or a small shine on the crown
    Friend Code: WBF-CFC-GFG
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    Mistborne Elemental

    The name of the armor will be Mistborne Elemental.

    I cannot draw very well at all, but this armor starts as a spirit/air. And it has a purple mist flowing from the armor. Assuming the developers can make this a reality, as you level up, the spirit element can shift depending on the elemental armor used to enhance. For instance if you use a lot of fire/air armor, then within the first upgrade the armor's spirit element will shift to fire and the purple mist will turn orange. And if you then add more water armor than anything, during the second change you'll have a blue mist with water/air elemental armor.

    P.S. I attempted to upload the photo only to have it declined by the website. It says it is an invalid photo but it's a JPEG...sad day. I probably won't be chosen without a picture, but I'll explain it to the best of my ability. The armor is ninja-esque with a hood over the head and a wrap covering all of the face but the eyes. The armor will appear to be leather with armor located around the chest and down the thighs.

    As weapons, the character will hold a dagger in each hand that have a long skinny diamond shape to the blades. The armor color will be a white-ish color to better hide within the mists of the world. Again, the mist around the character will have a hue dictating the major elemental type of the armor at that time.

    Sorry again for the lack of a picture...goofy computer I guess...

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    Contest entry (Awesomeness)

    Elements: Fire Wind

    Name: Mantel of Ash

    Friend code: XBN VDV XFV

    Image of armour:

    Description: This armour had travled with the greatest knight to the volcanoe Mount Doom, it had the ability to adapt to its surroundings, it then became an armour of ash and hot air which is extremely powerful

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    The Mantle of the Bat

    Name: Mantle of the Bat

    Elements: Spirit/Air

    This is just a quick sketch, hopefully Gree would flesh it out more. An homage to Batman (but different enough to not get into any legal trouble). Armor would be mostly black and purple. He'd have two scimitars that look kind of like bat wings. Lots of similarly designed spikes all over


    Friend Code: XBP-RGG-RZP

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    My only entry

    I'm not sure if it's too late but I'll throw in an entry. Soulyard Battlegear. Ok, its got sharp, jagged bone plates all down the front of the leg guards. The boots are elongated skulls. The back of the shin and thigh is black, burial cloth. The front of the hip section has a full bone plate. The chest plate is patched bone armor with a sharp rib cage wrapping around from the back. Back has a solid bone plate and underneath it is the black cloth. The helmet has four sharp bones wrapping around the face, two on each side and they almost meet in the middle. A fifth sharp one comes from the helmet which is part black cloth, part spikey bones. There is a bone fin going down the back of the armor. The shield is a gravestone with black cloth partially hung around it and almost the appearance of a face engraved in the stone. (Just vaguely.) the sword has a bone handle and two sharp bones coming out, one on each side. They angle in towards each other and nearly meet at the tip. The top on ends at the handle, the bottom one extends back past the elbow. That's about all I have, I still don't know how to use imgur?

    Guild: Untouchable Princes
    My Friend Code: XBW-HCY-BHF
    Name in game: Kyle Katarn
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    Angel of Aegis

    Angel of Aegis
    Mono Wind
    Stats: high attack

    One of my guild members had a concept that he wanted to enter into the contest so he gave me his ideas: robes, angel, staff, etc. and i drew it for him. Will we both be able to get the armor if it wins?? If not, give it to Sarkozi Crazyeyes. Thank u, hope you like it.

    Name: Sarkozi Crazyeyes: WBD-XRR-BHX
    Lady Ronan: WBM-HGV-XHX
    Guild: Sarkozi

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    Entry 2:
    Name: Assassins Vesture
    Elements: Fire/Spirit


    Details: It would be a knight with a dark red hooded clothing. There would be a dark mask with dark purple. The weapons would be dual katanas. The clothing would be dark red and have a black pattern.

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    I actually have a second entry

    Ok, this is the Bladesmantle Aegis
    Still don't have imgur. So here we go, it has dark boots which wrap around the leg up to the knee in closely plated, metal strips. They appear to be melting together. The same thing happens again from the knees to the waist. All this is covered in small, evenly spaced spikes. Two large, metal horns pretends out of each boot. The suit kind of does the same thing at the body section only it wraps from the back to the front on each side and the meet in the middle. There is a crack in the very middle and you can see lava inside. The helmet is large and almost square, the visor is slim and magma colored and a giant axe blade goes right down the middle of the helmet and touches the chest plate. The shoulders have the same horns as on the boots and they are a lot larger than the rest of the armor. The forearms do the same thing as the legs and right where the wrist meets the gauntlet it is just lava dripping out. The gauntlet is a bunch of metal rings. The shield is a dark, twisted metal that appears to be melting and the weapon is an axe with four blades, one on each side of the top of the staff, the staff also appears to be melting and lava emerges from the top. There are also four axe blades on the bottom. Ther whole armor is a dark, steel, gray color with heat and lava sort of emanating. There is a long, black, charred cape attached to one shoulder.

    My Friend Code: XBW-HCY-BHF
    My Guild: Untouchable Princes
    Name in Game: Kyle Katarn

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    Friend-code = XBG-YNV-RCY

    Name = Robin Hood's Battlegear

    Elements = Fire + Earth
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    Andromeda's Exoskeleton

    Fire Earth


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    Fyrian Aegis

    Name: Fyrian Aegis
    Elements: Fire/Wind
    Friend Code: WBN-XXQ-WVG

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    Epic armor submission

    Okay, for some reason, my guild mates' account wouldn't let him post on the forums. He tried for several hours along with several guild members trying to help with no success. So here's his armor entry since I offered to put the entry in for him.
    Name: Tortillian Shellsteel Wargear.
    Possible Elements: Earth/Water
    No shield but instead, double maces.
    Friend code: XBR-YYH-ZGF
    Lore: The steel of this magnificent armor was smelted from the shells of the ancient, powerful guardians of the underwater metropolis known as Atlantis hence where it recieves its' Tortillion name.

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    Epic Armor Submission #2

    So, this is my second submission. Here we go:

    Name: Nocturnal Nightmail

    Element(s): Any, but Air/Water suggested

    Brainstorm pages:

    Final sketch:

    Possible particle effects: Feathers floating down around the knight, maybe something with the moon

    Sorry it's not colored, as I was too lazy to do so. Gree can add any colors if this armor wins. Good luck to all of the people who submitted entries!

    Username: DragonFryNinja
    Friend code: XBG-YNC-HFD
    Guild: Warriors740
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