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Thread: Looking for a new team!!

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    Looking for a new team!!

    Currently left my crew looking for a good group to come to I have 3 accounts and active

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    I'd be glad to have you in Cromanden.


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    Hey ItalStylez, I sent you a PM about my group.

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    772943006 look us up one opening 55/56 players

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    All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu
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    WD #197
    FL #211
    *Casualty Rate -30%(MAX)
    *Health Regeneration time -30%(MAX)
    *Ground Attack +35%(MAX)
    *Air Attack +35%(MAX)
    *Infantry Attack +35%(MAX)
    *Sea Attack +35%(MAX)
    *Infantry Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Ground Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Air Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Sea Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Building Defense +35%(MAX)
    *Building Output +35%(MAX)
    *Guild Membership Increase +40(MAX)

    * Active use of the chat application LINE
    * 30,000 WDP
    * 10B Raid Boss damage
    * Active Frontline participation
    * Participation in all FLTQ's
    * 350M Raw attack and defense stats
    * We are a family friendly faction and we expect all faction members to act appropriately 100% of the time

    Thank you for your time and consideration, we are a faction that understands real life comes first and that this is only a game. So come on over and have some FUN!

    Captain Ron YK1
    Anzac Militia 832-989-145

    Anzac Militia Recruitment Center: https://groupme.com/join_group/27727962/rHUfVB

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    Generaals ��

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    Try Wow a cool faction

    Join WOW Faction Invite Code 744-763-768 or 744763768

    We are seeking new players to join our ranks. We are an active faction seeking people who play regularly. No minimum cash contribution. We do ask you to donate concrete, folders and participate in faction events as often as you can. We understand that we all have a life outside the game.

    Our faction bonuses are as follows:
    Building def +35%
    Building output +25%
    Ground def +35%
    Ground attk +20%
    Air def +35%
    Air attk +15%
    Sea def +35%
    Sea attk +15%
    Infantry def +35%
    Infantry attk +30%
    Casualty rate -14%
    Health regen time -30%

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    Been playing for awhile but not in a faction. Can you look at my profile and see if I'm faction material?

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    Join Americans United- top 200

    Code for Americans United is 213 190 569

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