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Thread: Active players needed

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    Active players needed

    Kta is maxed on all faction bonuses. No need for donations. We are a tight group of players looking for people to join the fun. 12 spots open. Finished inside top 500 in both WD and frontline. If you need a faction or a change then check us out. 421-323-450. Also willing to absorb a smaller faction up to 20 players.

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    Join Wow

    Join WOW Faction Invite Code 744-763-768 or 744763768

    We are seeking new players to join our ranks. We are an active faction seeking people who play regularly. No minimum cash contribution. We do ask you to donate concrete, folders and participate in faction events as often as you can. We understand that we all have a life outside the game.

    Our faction bonuses are as follows:
    Building def +35%
    Building output +25%
    Ground def +35%
    Ground attk +20%
    Air def +35%
    Air attk +15%
    Sea def +35%
    Sea attk +15%
    Infantry def +35%
    Infantry attk +30%
    Casualty rate -14%
    Health regen time -30%

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