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    Hey All,

    Thanks for the feedback and for answering the poll. And here I thought it was an innocuous question. LOL

    Basically, this started from a discussion with the the support & game. When we (the collective GREE) see posts from players with questions about their account, concerns, or reporting a specific bug that we cannot reproduce. In these cases the support or game teams may need specific information. If you have submitted a ticket, then the support team has your email and your invite code in their CRM, community only has your email address (generally) .

    Ideally, we could cross reference the two platforms (vBulletin & the support CRM) however the two systems do not "talk" to each other -- which is why I created the poll.

    If it the ratio is large enough, then we(community & support) can try to make a case to get "non-game" engineer to link the two systems.

    Hope that clarifies things, as we are just trying to get information to the people who can fix things, quickly.
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