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    what are your most favorite looking epics??

    My most favorite looking epic has to be DeMortuis how it looks...I'm a little biased tho as it was also my first epic...
    I also like undead robes and magebane.

    I think all-seeing aegis is the ugliest epic.

    What are your faves and most hated?
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    The latest spirit fire epic is awesome. Not sure the name. One of my other favs is glacial regala
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    On looks alone my top 3 are...

    Demortuis, cryptid, harlequin

    Least favorite is Tectonic

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    I've always liked Cryptid, Triskellion, and Sharksteel.

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    Blazestone Mantle has always been my #1 epic cosmetically. I just love the 2 swords, the color scheme, and overall it just really looks like a knight should look. Kerstmans shroud is my 2nd favorite, as its xmas themed and well... I love xmas!

    My least favorite epic would have to be moontide. Not because its weak (which it is) but because it looks like a beer belly when u wear that armor. Also, the color scheme is a bit flamboyant imo.

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    All-seeying is my favourite!

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    I like how the chromes look the best, gold especially
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    Quote Originally Posted by geo81 View Post
    I like how the chromes look the best, gold especially
    Bronze, silver, and gold all look the same...
    Do u mean black?
    I like that one and how bout Blazeborne when it first came out...must've been pretty cool
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    Apocalypse and Firestorm. I love my fire.

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    Firestorm Vanguard and Black Chromatic Mantle, honorable mentions Soulshard Necromantle and Harlequin Roguegear

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    I love the look of OdinS

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    oh and hate Moontide

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    My favorite looking epic(s) are arclite, herlequin, and primordial hide

    My least favorite looking epic is komodo because it is the dullest looking epic and looks just like a pile od rocks with a dim light on it.
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    My favorite is sol vanguard. Love the look of this epic. Also like hellfire and stalwart.

    Least favorite is all seeing by a wide margin. 2nd least is probably the new heroic mode epic. Geoplate.

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    Best War Epic:
    1. Cyclone Chainmail
    2. Champion's Battlegear
    3. Sol Vanguard

    Best Raid Epic:
    1. Sauric Platemail
    2. Centauric Blazeguard
    3. Minos Wargear

    Best Chest Epic:
    1. Aegis of Sky Majesty
    2. Ronan StarRobes
    3. Maelstrom Irons

    Worst War Epic:
    1. Kerstman's Shroud
    2. Armor of the Devoted
    3. Overgrown Lifeplate

    Worst Raid Epic:
    1. Kirin Vanguard
    2. Wasteland Platemail
    3. Rivenborn Aegis

    Worst Chest Epic:
    1. Performer's Wargear
    2. All-Seeing Aegis
    3. Armor of the Peacock

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