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    (Android)Forgotten Empire recruiting!

    Forgotten Empire is a fully maxed level 75 guild and we are opening recruitment to find players that are a good fit for us. We are part of a large family that regularly have openings in t50,t25, and t10 runs. At the moment, we are looking for players that are active and dedicated. We do require use of Line and will set minimum requirements for each event that are easily achieved by active f2p energy. Now we are looking for people who are 100+ and at least some current EB armor, but will look at all applicants. Please contact me on Line @id soberranger

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    We're still actively looking for new players that are dedicated to improving themselves. We had several guilds place in the the t10, t25 and t50 ribbons this weekend and there will always be a family run available once you've proven yourself to us. Come try us out for this weekends raid.. you'll have a lot of fun and find a loyal family in the process. ��

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    What range would you say your guild (Forgotten Empire) is in? Meaning is it in t500, t250, t100, etc.
    Check out my friend's Forum: http://wolfslayerx.proboards.com/

    Average in War: 45k points and willing to do 100k and above if required or necessary
    Average in Raid: 6M points and willing to do 15M and above if required or necessary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ant venom View Post
    What range would you say your guild (Forgotten Empire) is in? Meaning is it in t500, t250, t100, etc.
    Honestly, we've been pretty consistent in the t500 region but that is what we're looking to improve by gaining more like-minded members. If we can get a full guild to expand on what we're currently doing with 15-20 people....we'd easily get into the t100 while completely f2p, or even t50 with minimal gem spending.

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    Still looking for more to fill our ranks. Placed T50 last raid with F2P only asking our players to be active.. Again, if looking to join my line ID is Soberranger
    HC of Forgotten Empire
    Member of NF/Alpha Alliance
    Line ID: Soberranger

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