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    Math and Armor Question

    I may not be the best at math, but I assume that the game is math based (the higher the number for attack/defense, the higher your stats will be). With this thought process (correct me if I'm wrong) I am not sure why the math is not adding up:

    My knight, equipped with lvl 99 Triskelion Wargear (stats 1776/1625) has attk/def of 2532/2692. With the exact same amulet and ring equipped, the same knight, when equipped with lvl 87 Chrystal Dragonmail (1807/1846) SHOULD have attk/def of 2563/2915. Correct?

    Wrong. Knights stats are 2433/2808. Lower attack than the "weaker" armor.

    Why is this so? Anyone have an answer?

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    Hey Silent Angel,

    Did you include guild bonus percentages in your calculations?

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    Crystal Dragonmail is a mono armor, so it will only get the fire % boost, triskelion is a dual armor so it gets both wind and fire % boosts
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    Guild bonus is +7% for both fire and air. So +14% and +7% respectfully. Do these boosts include amulets and rings in the calculation? Bc that's the only way I see it coming out to a happy (semi-close number).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wil Patterson View Post
    Crystal Dragonmail is a mono armor, so it will only get the fire % boost, triskelion is a dual armor so it gets both wind and fire % boosts

    Agreed, that is how it works Silent Angel. Wil got it, plus the Crystal Dragonmail you have isn't maxed like your Triskelion so that may affect it. Are they both the regular version or is one of them the "+" (Plus version)?
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    Also, guild rank bonuses are applied after all other things are totaled.
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    Regular. Not the + armors, unfortunately. I forgot about the Guild Bonuses. Now the math is coming out clearer.

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    It goes armor stats+rings and amulets+ knights stats+ guild bonus+ position bonus= total
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