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    move to a new device? how to do that in a secure way?

    Since I started playing the game I always have played in an ipad mini 2, now I would like to move all my games to a new device, an ipad mini 4, how to do that?

    I switched on the multi devices possibility on the game's settings menu, and I installed LoW on my iphone6 a few moths ago but while I am on th 68th daily reward on the ipad in my iphone I am always on the 26th day...I see also on my iphone my old squad, although I erase the app and reinstall again in my iphone I just can see and play an old version of my account.

    Because of that I am afraid about to move my account to a new device. I use the same game center and apple ID in all my IOS devices. I asked to the CS a few days ago I a did not receive response yet..Someone could help me please?

    thanks guys

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    I think the only way is through Game Center. I don't know why your iPhone displays old info though, you may have to do some research as to why games do that.

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    Its only happening me at LoW, others games like iron force that works with game center I can play at any device without any problem..I read on forums also some people is having problem about this. Also I read that a year ago CS ask to the people who wanted to change to a new device to write them in order to process with their support.
    So I am not sure about how to process, I would like to play LoW at any IOS device at the same account without any delayed or forgetting advances did it before, but I feel insecure because last experience and how CS takes a long time to give us responses, if I change my ipad there are a lot of probabilities to have to stop playing for a long time...

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