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    War of Nations evaluation

    What are the positives and negatives of the game for you. please be objective, this is meant to show Gree what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong from their Customers perspective:

    Positive: Cross World Events

    Negative: Lack of Communication

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    The basic game mechnics are OK and very fun to play with.
    The social aspect of being part of an alliance and the chat system is good
    Most of the events are quite fun to play, with the possible exception of box events
    The real-time aspect of the game, with a common world map where you can attack anyone is very nice

    The recent lack of varied events (alliance war is gone and so are many other quite entertaining events)
    The end-game focus on coining (I choose to call it end game because everyone is about maxed out in every possible way)
    Poor quality when releasing new features. The recent ever-repeating introduction of new glitches with every new feature is frustrating.
    The "hidden" chances involved in opening various boxes. I would like to know exactly what the chances are for a "epic" or "rare" item when I buy a box. I can only assumed that this is hidden to encourage players to buy more items (e.g. if the chance for an "epic" item is only 1% it would likely result in lower sales than if it is hidden).
    The non-transparent battle system, I must say it is a great improvement to see your opponents warcom bonuses. But it would be even better to see all temporary and permanents boosts applied in battle, as well as the full commander stats.
    I mentioned the big, real-time shared map as a positive thing, this could be further enhanced if a feature to search for players or alliances bases are added. As it is now, a great deal of time must be spent scrolling around the map in search of something (time better spent actually playing).
    The adding of so many different feature with one single (and simple) effect: Adding a percentage to something that is already there (personal boosts, allied boosts, commander upgrades, unit upgrades, temporary boosts, satellites, warcom specialists and now the latest VIP system). All these just improve existing features and isnt anything really new (such as adding a set of completely new units or buildings would bring). It's come to the point where anyone actually improving the VIP status to a higher level is laughed at.

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    I can drop in to chat.
    The core game was great. Resources and realtime combat management was second to non.

    Nearly everyone has quit.
    All the new updates have no real place in a strategy game, sure things need to change, but I don't see how any of them so far actually help replace the players that are leaving and turn this back into an enjoyable game.
    Sure Gree needs to turn a coin and that is fine but nothing I am seeing would convince me to coin, and I am sure when the player base finally fails totally all the coiners will be very unhappy. If Gree's lucky because the players that are left are so heavily invested in the game they feel they have to stay, or face all their time and money being wasted.

    I wish you all luck with Gree, and I hope you can get the game back on the right tracks.

    Gree if you only listen to one bit of advise this year it's talk to your customers. Create polls engage with your players in app if needed. If a poll popped up in app, to vote for which new idea to add, which to drop. The feed back will give you a stronger idea about what to change and what not too. Their the type of pop ups players are happy to see.


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    This feedback is pretty good so far. Please remember this is not a flame thread. Please keep feedback limited to supporting evidence for your positives and negative evaluations.

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    I know there are alot of other people with opinions out there.

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    The game is suffering from stat inflation, a topic I brought up in a ticket with GREE. As the new comms get stronger, the previous comms get weaker. The masters that we all thought were OP are now frail compared to a PM 120 Hannibelle. Sooner or later, Hannibelle will be a frail commander compared to who knows what, and comms will have 100k damage and health.

    GREE, please stop the stat inflation from occurring, and don't make the same mistake as MW and CC.

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    Cannot get it through their heads that they have destroyed the game with their incessant need for greed above all else.

    Seven\eight "buy me" screens front loading before a player can even get access to the game, often a reload is required just to clear the clogging that results. So much for the "player experience".

    Glitches that seem prevalent in every update, some which players abuse to obtain advantages during events. Current SH one an example where an opposing player rather than keep within the spirit of fair play puts a long range attack onto your base so when you try to access the incoming notification menu it crashes the game. If alliance players have units at the base then they cannot be released by the base holder.

    No capacity to remove the majority of the banners and vacuous additions that have been introduced and offer nothing towards improvement of the game itself, its just bloatware which reduces the quality of the playing itself. A modicum of thought could reduce the number from the current dozen or so to three or four icons with relative sub menus.

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    Enough with the multiple pop ups as soon as you start the game. 4-5? Seriously? Why would anyone spend money on this game in its current state? Bad lag, UV waves get stuck and nothing unlodges them. The constant game stalling out where it does not respond at all until you reboot the entire game. FIX WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!

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    The good: Friends to chat with
    The bad: 7 friggin popups !!! are you guys for real.... hasnt anyone ever told you pops are just plain annoying. Game loads, game lags, pop up , pop up , pop up game gets turned off, if you are trying to get money from me then dont annoy me so much.

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    Today I logged in only to have ad videos displayed on startup even before I see any popups. Has anyone faced this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerean View Post
    Today I logged in only to have ad videos displayed on startup even before I see any popups. Has anyone faced this?
    I've actually never seen an ad video right when I logged in.

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