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    Can Gree change the events? Its the same thing over and over for the past few months box event -> Stronghold -> Global -> UV training or box event and repeat the only mix they added was during box or stronghold they add a separate ap or training event. Don't get me wrong a stronghold and global are fun experience to have but it takes time to rebuild army for global or stronghold after a major event before it happens

    I believe Gree goal right now is getting money $$$$ because all of these event require a lot of money mostly box i see hundreds of people going high 40 alien cells which is impossible to do without using gold coins. Is there a way that we can bring back Alliance wars?

    The second problem is reward it keeps going up and down a lot of people dont even wanna try doing limited time quest because its not worth the effort to get the items.

    Third bringing back old rewards like power cells a lot of people are playing this game without coining and its hard for an alliance to go through Global war with very minimum power cells my alliance is forced to only spend up to level 3 barrier because we cant afford to buy more power cells and theres no event anymore or limited quest that gives us alot.

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    I would agree with you on most of your points, the problem with alliance events now is the low player base in some worlds where "stronghold" brings the action to the strongholds so even a smaller player base can get action, alliance wars means scouting for players their is maybe 1-2 active players in my old alliance and I think most only log on like me to set builds and chat if anyone's on they are friends with.
    As far as I remember events were optional so space events out and less box events, are you just not competing in them.

    In the good old days game play was why you played not events........we would have alliance wars of our own if big players hit alliance members in a annoying way we would hit back as an alliance organising attacks with 40-50 players to start at a set Time on all the players bases at the same time destroying all their fuel buildings and putting all there bases under capture at the same time, this may sound like bullying but they were top players one on one we had no chance. We often got bashed back from the players alliance but they got the message and stopped messing with our players...
    Now players are scared to cap like that, because there aren't the player numbers we once had.

    So that only gives us, bring back old rewards and better rewards, and keep it as it is, options.
    As i am not playing I will not vote, sorry.

    Gree is trying to make money they put events out that players like, with as heavy a mixture as possible, with money making events.

    At this point for me the only thing that would get me playing again will be levelled worlds, where players of similar rank and power are competing in normal game play, and war type events. They can then throw all the war com, personal boost, alliance boosts, and satellite stuff on the scrap heap if my best commander is a 90 then I play in a world where that's everyone's best commander, that's all the game ever needed was a level playing field. Then game play can flourish. Strategy is then what's important not who has purchased or won the latest super commander......
    The bottom line is this is a war game that's supposed to be about strategy and skill and it was up to a point in full worlds it was possible to play and have fun because the player base was so big there was always some players at a similar power to you and with alliance help you could deal with bully's for the most part... We just let the top players slug it out and had our fun at our level... Gree you just need to go back to basics work out how to create ranked worlds system then restart the game as it was about 3 months after you launched the original, after you extended capture times for player bases....(they used to be as fast as npc bases). That would be annoying if you just sent 4 months getting it to level 15 lol and lost it in a few hours....

    If that means starting from scratch in a new world as a start off so be it, but the worlds have to offer protection from bullying a super strict 5 level rule. Maybe even a commander level rule you can defend with any commander but your limited on commander if attacking down. This can be with penalties that just lower your commander stats at the point of battle so to create player protection, I would point out that the lowering of commander stats would be based on the defenders best commander not the one defending the outpost.... Strategy....having your best commander where you need it most is an important part that's important. But that means a level 110 commander hitting a player with a level 80 commander may get their stats cut to level 80-90 depending on level difference.
    So a level 40 player hitting a level 40 player its defender 80 vs 90 (110) but if it's
    A level 45 player hitting a level 40 player its 80 vs 80 (110)

    They could just have a flat system level, or max advantage of say 10 commander levels so only a level 90 ( adjusted stats) can attack a player with a level 80 commander.
    But my call would be a weighted system the bigger the level difference, the greater the commander levelling is used.
    This could be extended for the current level system so a level difference of more than 5 starts pulling commander stats below the defenders commanders level so
    A level 50 player with a 110 commander hits a level 40 with a level 80 commander the game adjusted the battle to
    A level 70 (110) commander hitting a level 80 commander.

    That also removes camping of big players in npc bases.

    These proposed changes don't effect defensive battles, if you have a great commander at level 110 in your base it defends from anyone, at any level at full stats. And they also work at full if your hitting up, or at the same level as the defender, for attacks as well.

    I only want the system to protect the players that need it. It should allow players to grow in any world if balanced correctly, add in the ranking system Gree added, target events to player rankings in that system. You can have multi level worlds where players can coexist and feel competitive in.

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    Also there should be an event once in a while on the regional servers. The US servers have tons of events stacked almost on top of each other but the EU server, for example, has had no event in ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisGameSucks View Post
    Also there should be an event once in a while on the regional servers. The US servers have tons of events stacked almost on top of each other but the EU server, for example, has had no event in ages.
    Most likely because the EU server doesn't spend enough to make introduction of events to the server worth it.

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