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    Satellite materials [iOS / US Servers]

    Some satellite parts went extinct a while back, they are a) Not ever rewarded in any event b) Never ever drops from NPC hits c) Never ever drops from player hits d) Is not available in the store either by itself or as a possible crate item.

    This means that it is currently impossible to use one of the game features: Satellites.

    Is there a point to this? Why not just remove them completely and rename the the SatCom to "Commander Fusion Ops" since that is all it can be used for right now... and not even with a very intiutive user interface I might add.

    Example: To construct a "Unit Health" satellite you need two parts, one Nuclear Core and one Combat Circuit. The Nuclear core drops very frequently from NPC attacks but the Combad Circuit can't be found anywhere in the game. It used to be available in a few of the satellite material crates but they were removed (why?).

    Three (seemingly random) satellite parts are still in the store: Refined Petroleum I, Blast Furnace Steel I and Tactical Mainframe I. The first two items are extremely common (and cannot be used for anything because their "companion" satellite part is extinct). The Tactical Mainframe I part is used to craft the "Unit Damage" satellites but I doubt that buying and merging those to get one of the higher level Unit Damage satellites is really worth it...

    Revive all satellite parts as a possible NPC drop -or- revive the satellite part crates as event/ltm rewards -or- just erase all satellite parts and clean up the SatCom building to be a commander crafting station (-or- just keep ignoring that a game feature is currently broken while adding new stuff that no one asked for).

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    Someone likened this to the Macdonalds promotions where you need 3 parts to get a prize and never ever get the 3rd one.

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    I apologize for not responding any sooner, but wanted to let you know that your feedback has been noted and documented. Any further consideration to be determined will proceed from here!

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    Thanks Tardavic.

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