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    W40 a joke

    I know it's been mentioned in the forum for a while now but really GREE W40 a pure gold spenders world!!! Maybe sort out the other 39 worlds and fix the glitches and problems in those and maybe your income would increase this seems to me like flogging a dead horse how long until old spent on W40 stops just like most other worlds ? I give it 3 months and that's being polite

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    GREE does these things for a reason. Spender world=more money. The more people spend in a spending world, the more people have to either play/spend to catch up to their fellow players. It may seem ridiculous, but it's a good move on GREE's part for their benefit at least.

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    That would be OK if Gree is not putting staff in that have unlimited gold, which players on other worlds have commented on saying a player has 11 bases, even when the cap on android was still 10........

    If I was greedy, that's what I would do, as like Loisies said its in Gree's Interest that it happens.....
    It's not far fetch that Gree has staff playing, I cannot say it's true but it's been rumoured......
    But you cannot rule out people like to pay to win even thought that flys in the face of strategy games......I have no problem with pay to upgrade fast games clash of clans is one. But they also protect players by limiting its effects to nearly zero, on all but ranking.
    I have never been attacked by a top player that's boosted to max out, as the games ranking system gives them little reason to do so as do the reward systems as they would get next to nothing from attacking me even if they so wished. And when I finally leveled up to max it would be totally down to player skill, no boosts or items that can only ever be won for a limited time that give major advantages.
    It's this games major flaw that cash can make you King, in ways that are hard to ever over come.

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    It is widely apparently that Gree has planted players in with unlimited gold. That is very common in any online spending game to spur other players to spend as well. Better yet, put a bully obnoxious unlimited gold player that gets boost/research just slightly out of the normal top players and you will see everyone trying to bring him down (but fail because he has unlimited gold).

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