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    Back from long leave

    Hello Everyone,

    Its been a while since I was here and playing Knights & Dragons. When I came back there was a lot of events I missed and took a while to get all the missed rewards. Coming back and still playing casually, I tend to end up in the low 1000 during events.

    I got 3 shadowforged so far, which I guess is good (2 from the Holidays).These issues with events make the game almost unplayable.

    I actually liked the fusion tiered armor from the winter event (Yule Envoy). What did you all think?

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    I used to play a few years ago. I left because I only had epic gear and couldn't get Dragonforged, not for want of trying. Upon my return for the Christmas event (2017)I bagged 1 Dragonforge and 2 shadow forged armours with a few epics. Some accessories too. But then I had the misfortune of hitting into a rather difficult bug.

    Anyhow I set up another account (I swore I wouldn't but I did) and I have the T5 yule Evony and the epic santa suit. Along with 3 other different epics. Not like my other account but oh well.

    Does the Yule Evony stay or does it have to be forged into dragon/shadow before the event is over?
    I really like the events.

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    Welcome back Legalious !

    I must say that since I started playing again in July 2016 on the European server , things have gone from great to better !

    The changes mean that dedicated , active players get rewarded with good Armours in a fraction of the time now :

    On World Server in 2014 , it took me NINE MONTHS to get a single Dual Element Epic Armour that was actually useful ! And then I got another a week later ... but that's not the point ...

    Took another six months to get three ( crafted ) Epic+ Armours & to get them all maxed 4* Rings & Amulets to complete my Arena/War line up . And then of course my phone cr@pped out three months later ... X-|

    New 3G/4G Phone in July 2016 , straight on to Euro Server K&D and hit the ground running ! :-)

    Took 3 Weeks to get my first Dragon Forged and was more powerful than our GM & took over his place in five months ! Okay being able to play 24/7 helps , but the smaller pool of players & Guilds on Euro Server has helped tremendously : Guild has gone as high as #18 during Events & I'm now always in Top #100 in Arena & Top #25 on Epic Boss - finished No.1 on Dead Mouse last Christmas to .
    On Worlds our Team never did better than #122 , my Arena placing best was about #168 & I only ever cracked Top #10 on Epic Boss due to a bug ...

    Taking down any current Epic Boss on maxed stats with a SINGLE KNIGHT , every single time , is now of course hilarious compared to how it used to be .

    Welcome back , enjoy the fun and happy battling :-D

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