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Thread: Why are top teams allowed to use bots to autotap?

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    Better get your facts straight as not everyone at the top uses bots. I myself can score 80-90 mil no problem if I tap every hour Iím awake and thatís with a lot of sleep. The fact that some of you actually care about it when u are in a top 30+ syn is laughable. And as one of those ďrich kidsĒ, even though Iím not even close to that in RL, I can confirm that I do experience lag but on WiFi and as long as I keep tapping consistently I rarely if ever do. Stop complaining about every little thing like itís the end of the world itís just a game. Most of u that do are free players that give nothing to deca to help make the game better so to me your opinion is worthless

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    You must be of the ones that whine and b*tch at everything. Some are just not meant to be at the top.

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    don't tell me it is just me. this forum shows how mismanaged this game has been .. for months, for years. penalizing players for not constantly playing, penalizing for not playing an event, lag filled mess, spinning circle of death, prizes not awarded or if awarded, were not on time, gold refils not credited and most of all, customer service email id not working.

    i'm sure i missed to list many things. i have been a gold buyer in the past and probably that is the only reason i am hooked to this game. plus, my involvement with this game made gree good amounts of money. need i remind fightclub days?

    you dont know me sgt, so don't try to judge me

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