Dear Mobsters,

Over the last few versions of the Battle for Empire City we have been incorporating different solutions to prevent players to use any form of exploit. We know that the back button freeze has undesired side effects and we want all of you to know that our team is working on optimizing it so it only prevents exploits with minimum to no side effects at all.

We also incorporated new metrics to help us identifying players cheating during the event. With the upcoming event, sanctions will be heavier for the players caught but this new system.

Any player caught cheating will be taken out of the individual leaderboard and his score will also be deducted from his syndicate in the syndicate leaderboard. The potential syndicate bonuses acquired won’t be affected though.
On top of that, the player will be banned for the entire duration of the next Battle for Empire City (ban starting a bit before on the day of the event and finishing by the next Tuesday).

We hope that these sanctions will refrain players from using any form of exploit during the event.

For all these reasons, the rewards will, this time again, come with a slight delay by the end of next week.

Thank you for your comprehension,