January Daily Login Reward - Item List


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Thread: January Daily Login Reward - Item List

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    January Daily Login Reward - Item List

    Hi Modern Warriors!

    Here's the Daily Login reward list for January! As usual we are open to suggestions and if you wish to provide feedback about the rewards, feel free to drop a line here!

    And as always, have fun in game!


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    Ok I will suggest again. Give energy, give more r and d. The flasks....the economy there is WAYout of line. If you dont
    Make amount needed less.

    Give better prizes.....you guys spent all this time and effort wipe small units.....
    .yet you still give them. So we just fill up agsin.

    Answer a support email, I haven't gotten one in so long. I cant remember
    Health Regen 35%
    infantry attack 35%
    infantry defense 35%
    Ground attack 35%
    Ground Defense 35%
    Air Attack 35%
    Air Defense 35%
    Sea Attack 35%
    Sea Defense 35%
    Building Defense 35%
    Building Output 35%
    Guild member increases + 40

    The Fisher Clan (a private invite only faction for families)

    My Id 649 796 085
    My id 716 502 654
    12.8 billion iph
    3.6 bb attack
    6.26 bb defense

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