The End Of Hood Art!!


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Thread: The End Of Hood Art!!

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    The End Of Hood Art!!

    You have finally put an end to hood art ! My last block of art has melted away to a building wasteland!
    How about you double the size of our hoods?? Surely that’s an easy install!
    And sadly there is also no room for boost buildings.
    49A019E9-68E1-4E90-8834-DFB6EC6A6856.jpgAttachment 8274
    And then “poof” it’s gone !
    Please bring back expansions Gree!
    And maybe the opportunity to buy back the boost buildings (game cash of course��)
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    Sad day indeed, EEE!

    We’ll bring it up again & again... we need more hood space, and LTBs with smaller footprints.

    We love your Hood Art! What kind of community would we be without the Arts?! Please keep Hood Art alive!
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    Max hood size will soon be an issue for me too. I do still have 3 blocks open so hopefully it lasts a while. Huge footprints for LTBs is an issue though, especially if there is no plan to increase max hood size.

    Just a thought. If max hood size can't be increased how about having the ability to overlap identical buildings? If I could condense 5 of the same building into one footprint that would open a lot of space. I have at least two of most buildings so it would probably at least double the amount of space available. Without having to actually design the hood area to be any larger.

    Having the ability to buy back any sold buildings would be cool too. Ideally it would not be needed though.

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    You need to expand hoods for us,

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