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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    Newbie Kelly's Hero's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
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    No minimums just aggressive players

    Top 1000's Faction looking for more active players.

    We don't want you to buy-in for $10,000,000. We don't want minimum IPH of $1M. What we want are players that actually play.... What a concept!

    We are a 30 member faction with 2 slots available and the following bonuses:

    Health Regen: 9%
    Infantry Def: 15%
    Ground Def: 10%
    Air Def: 5%
    Building Def: 20%

    Invite Code: 233607046

    For the Battle of Brazil, 14 players carried the other 16. We've "transferred" those non-players to Siberia.

    We'd love to have more UK and Australian players to beef-up our 24hour operations.

    Thank you and best of luck with the PVP starting Thursday!
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    Bravo 2 killo is recruiting

    B2k is recruiting, we have 11 spots available. We placed in the top 2000 with only 11 players, looking for player level 40+. Faction id is 394-203-328.

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    Combined Arms Group seeking a few more good men (and women)!!! We are a fun and active group seeking to go top 100 for BfG. Many of our members make multiple contributions per day. In fact, yesterday only (24 hr period) we had 42 contributions for $90mil and 128 blocks. That is not too shabby for a group of 'free' and 'light gold' players. Check out our stats via link in my signature and PM me or respond to our thread if interested.
    Combined Arms Group
    Faction Motto: Quiet Professionals
    Assult on Australia #185 - 1821090 pts
    Battle for Poland #251 - 1654495 pts
    Battle for Madagascar #304 - 1384752 pts
    Battle for Colombia #355 - 1105012 pts
    Seeking Strong & Active Players!

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    Consistent Contributor Jean marc's Avatar
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    Our faction 979336395 is actively recruiting new members.
    We finished in the top 1000 for the War of Brazil.
    We have a website that has plenty of information
    to help you get stronger. We're a team that plays hard,
    and while doing so, we have loads of fun.
    If you are SERIOUSLY interested, send in your request:
    You will be ask:
    1. Your level
    2. Attack and Defense stats
    3. Your member ID
    4. How often you play

    You will receive a request if the faction votes you in
    based on stats, and a I will post on your wall a welcome
    message to let you know if you are approved in the faction,
    along with the guidelines of our faction

    Faction Bonuses;
    Health regeneration: +9%
    Infantry Defense: +10%
    Ground Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +25%
    Building output: +5% More cash from building
    Guild Member Increase: +12 and growing

    Thanks for considering our faction.
    Hope you can join and share in our successes!
    jean marc

    Lawful good does not always mean lawful nice.

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    Jan 2013
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    New faction looking for new members Army of U.S. 943657877

    After I joined in other faction and donated daily cash and concrete I was kicked up like reward of a good behavior.
    So I decided to do my own faction Army of U.S. id 943657877 , I looking for players willing to donate , and I promise I won't kick anybody , I am a level 34 player and accepting any newbie wanted to join my faction for having fun a create from scratch a strong faction. Please join the faction you are more then welcome.
    My player id is 835573171

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    Consistent Contributor 104's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    the Netherlands
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    The Ultimate Campers Team is open for business!!

    This is a campers faction so absolutely no interest in joining WD wars. If you want to improve your army and enjoy a relaxed group of campers, you're welcome!

    Preferably serious players with an IPH that can contribute so we can get the bonuses we want and you can use in your own PvP battles.
    There is no minimum set for the game level.

    Interested? 601 177 704

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    Articulate Author Archer59's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
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    4 New Members Left Factions...
    To join the 48th TFW...we must be doing something right! Looking for one TEAM player, that is willing to participate, communicate and donate on a regular basis. Top 1000 easily...check us out. Send me a private message if interested. Thanks much, "Archer"
    MW: 723 733 538 / 766 013 376 / 837 581 025
    MW: Faction 48th TFW 326 189 720[/SIZE][/FONT

    Maxed bonuses: Output, building defense, health regen, all defense, Infantry, Ground Attack, Air Attack and Sea Attack.

    Try Empires and actually get to control attacks and need to use strategy!

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    US Army Black Knights 856633147

    We are looking for a strong defensive player to join our faction. We were in the top 1000 in the Battle for Brazil and have made improvements since adding stronger players and more active players. Our bonuses are as follows:
    Health Regen +9%
    Infantry Defense +10%
    Ground Defense +5%
    Building Defense + 20%
    Building Output +5%
    Guild Member Increase +12

    We want a player who is on Daily and will be active in the faction, we work well as a team and assist each other and the team at all time. Must be level 100+ with very good attack and defensive numbers!!!

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    Jan 2013
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    Swedish House Mafia Recruiting - 570 149 997

    We are looking for daily players that believe teamwork and team effort wins the day! We all donate concrete and money on a regular basis and communicate during wars. We made top 1000 with only a handful of members during Brazil and think that YOU can be what we're looking for to take us even higher!!!

    At the time of writing our bonuses are as follows:

    20% Building defence
    +8 members
    10% Infantry defence
    10% Ground defence
    15% Health regeneration

    We are currently 15 active members and are looking to double that so dont hesitate to ask for an invite. See you on the battlefield!

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    Articulate Author Durt McGurt's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
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    Any top performers from a top 1000 squad want to jump to top 100?
    PM for details.

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    Top 2000 Faction, Invite Code 557006380 See Post for Upgrades and stats you will get

    Bonuses: Health Regen +9%, Infantry defense +15%, Ground Defense +5%, Building Defense +15%, Guild Member Increase +12

    We have two spots open. Please do not apply unless you are at LEAST level 85 and are willing to donate money.

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    Steady Scribe
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    Feb 2012
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    Let God Sort Them Out

    is now recruiting!!!

    Looking for active players that want a winning faction and want to have fun and a team spirit.


    Bonuses and growing!!!
    Casualty Rate +5% Reduction
    Health Regen +22%
    Infrantry Defense +25%
    Ground Defense +15%
    Air Defense +10%
    Sea Defense +10%
    Building Defense +25%
    Building Output +10%
    Guild Member Increase +14

    only serious players will be considered. Invite code 993 244 985

    PM me with level, number of allies, defense and attack numbers.
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    Fraction Name: AIRFORCE Russia USA Born
    36/38 players, 2 needed
    Top 1000 almost Top 100
    +15 bonuses, Constantly upgrading
    Need seasoned players
    28 members lvl 125+
    Need 2 more, slots will be filled quickly

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    New strong members are welcome to join 977160003...

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    Hi all,

    Spartan's Never Die are looking for memebers who are active on a daily basis and are able to contribute to the faction when it comes to fighting and donations.

    After Brazil we have 5 open spots and if you are min. level 75 and 17k+ in attack and defense feel free to join us at 950 422 541

    Faction stats are:
    Health regen: +9%
    Infantery Defense: +5%
    Air Defense: +5%
    Building defense: +20%
    Guild member increase: +12

    See you soon!

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