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Thread: World Domination Official Feedback Thread

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    World Domination Official Feedback Thread

    Hey all,

    What I'd like to do here is to make a place for all world domination feedback based on the last two events. I want to hear it, the devs want to hear it, we've made changed between the first and second events based on player feedback. Put it here, it will be seen.

    I do ask that people keep it constructive; honest opinions either way are requested but keep it constructive (i.e. tell us what you'd like to see different). And please keep it relatively on-topic to World Domination and how we can make that more enjoyable for everyone.

    I'll try to post replies as I can for things I know that we can/can't do but as always can't provide answers to every question.

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    Consistent Contributor Captian Awesome's Avatar
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    Love the events! Is there any way we could see who is online?
    And is there anything in the future to track donations?

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    reserved hehe spot for sale!

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    We use the ingame faction forum a lot during WD events. Would be nice to have a 'refresh' button there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captian Awesome View Post
    Love the events! Is there any way we could see who is online?
    And is there anything in the future to track donations?
    Online during the event, you mean?

    Tracking faction donations is something we might be able to squeeze in; we have that info saved but I don't know how hard it would be to port that into the UI (separate leader/officer only tab, maybe?)

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    1st- shorter time period. 4-5 days is simply too long. It loses its fun. 3 would be perfect.
    2nd- 1 a month. Not every few weeks.
    3rd- better bonuses. Lets face it, the amount of money factions are putting out to win these prizes, the bonuses are WEAK. I can't stress that enough.
    4th- if changes are going to be made from one battle to another, at least let the players aware of the upcoming change beforehand. The change on amount of WD points a person can earn depending on level kind of screwed some of us. People prepared their gold expecting same type of gameplay as brazil. Then Greenland comes, and for some,they can't earn as many points as brazil because of their level. So it ended up being a high amount of wasted gold.
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    I would suggest having them only last 3 days (Friday-Sunday) as most of us work and these tend to be the best days for everyone.

    Another would be an online page for the Entire battle listing everyone's factions and current points. It gets stressful going for that top 10 spot when we had about 5 of us that were all within 200,000 points of each other at times. So it would be nice to have a spot that we can see where everyone is at not just that 10 spot.

    Another would be to be able to see who declares war as many of us get fed up when one single person ruins a plan by declaring early.

    Haha another idea is to be able to see when and who in your faction is online to make sure you can get the best turn out for your battle.

    Lastly I would like to add that 2 weeks between events is way to small. Give us time to get our lost troops back and build up our fortifications again.

    Sorry that was so long,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selfproclaimed View Post
    if changes are going to be made from one battle to another, at least let the players aware of the upcoming change beforehand.
    Regarding #4 specifically (although all good points): we dropped the ball on that one this time due to informational bandwidth, last minute technical challenges, and a strong focus on making sure the big issues from the previous event were solved. I apologize for that. We're going to do our best to get pertinent info out asap, as has been general recent policy.

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    Consistent Contributor vorm's Avatar
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    The events are really fun, and you guys did a great job fixing a lot of the issues experienced on Brazil for this last one. My suggestions:

    1) Both of the events were too long. Make them 2 or 3 days max. I know you are doing this.
    2) Space them out more! 15 days till the next one is WAY to soon. Lots of players throw tons of their time and energy into them, and having them this often risk burning everyone out. Spacing them out longer allows for everyone to recover and it builds lots of anticipation and excitement for the next one and you lose all that if they happen all the time.
    3) Also as has been said many times, make it where either only the leader and officers can declare war or have it show on the screen who declared it. It hasn't been much of an issue with my faction, but I know for others it has. Just takes one guy being a troll and going rogue or thinking it's funny to ruin everything for the whole faction.
    4) Show stats for wall hits and Power Attacks. These are often valuable efforts to the faction and the players doing them need to have it show for them so that everyone knows they are doing their part.

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    Prominent Poet Ryans67's Avatar
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    We need a dedicated email to report hackers, with a manned support staff 24/7. Restrict that address to a few people who are always helping to report actual hacks. Really just anything to get rid of the hackers FAST.

    You did good with the SP hackers, but they just switched to inventory hacks. They would waste an hour of battle time, which could really haunt the borderline factions at the end.
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    Master of Musings Gambit12's Avatar
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    The WD event is fun & cool especially members are having a great time...

    1. 2 to 3 days is good enough - 4 to 5 days is way too long & should be every other month - Every month is too stressful playing it
    2. Arctic Mine Building should've been part in advertisement cause it's only stay for couple of weeks. Some had no chance on getting it cause of not much time on getting it. Is there a chance you guys can extend it or something..?
    3. In game energy & stamina should be use in faction war...
    4. You can only use 4 hits in full energy regen - is there a chance you guys can extend it to 6 or 8 hits..
    5. Medi pack - should be only 10 gold not 25...

    Edit: Higher level player WD pts is kinda low compare to lower level. They should be the same WD pts for every level player. Just make it for everyone please, thanks..!

    Just my 3 cents...
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    Steady Scribe
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    See participation w/l vs total w/l that includes defense and offense wins losses.
    A new stat on the profile that shows last WD event personal score, so you don't have to wonder anymore.
    The ability to see a new requests profile before accepting them.
    Still waiting on my unit from battle of brazil .
    Quicker regen times.
    The ability to see your Wally's (walls, left the typo cause its funny) current health.
    See an opposing players level along with allies.
    Make faction battle wins and losses count for something.
    Allow 5 sticky posts to be placed in faction forum (for like welcome messages and such).
    Donation tracking.
    Put cost of bonus under icon so you don't have to click into it to see how much it is.
    Allow forts to be upgraded multiple levels in just one stab, having a user defined control, like money donations is done.
    Have a "battle chat wall" that is active only during battles and all posts are removed afterwards.
    Better support handling overall
    iOS needs the ability to see faction rank
    Have number of health packs bought next to WD points accumulated.
    Have a new bonus that adds interest (very small) to the faction bank that accumulates over time.
    Give leader the ability to redistribute faction funds to any faction player, besides himself.(probably impossible to pull off effectively, maybe only limited amounts can be drawn per day, which can be incremented through a new upgradable purchase.
    Make officers have more abilities and purpose in a faction.
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    I'll start with


    A big one has to do with timing.
    One of our members purchased a vault of gold to use for Greenland, he has yet to receive it!
    Secondly those people involved in the bonus program 3 of our guys didn't get the bonus in time for Greenland.

    Also, I am of the belief that the tiered system needs tweaking. Ie a top 1,2,3,25,50,100,250,500,1000, and 5000 would be nice. Because we spent so much gold and probably ended up in 30th place when we could have saved hundreds placed 90th and got the same prizes.

    I currently think the prizes are alright, however like I said there is a large disparity between #26 and #100. This time around was almost 4 million points.

    There is still visible info floating around about a top 42 faction. One of my goons sent in a ticket about it.

    The big clamor around here is making it so only officers can declare war, we haven't had an issue with this, but I know others have.

    The final complaint I have is with potential non working boosts; ie military boosts from units and faction military boosts not being visible.


    I am glad the team stat board worked this time. That was nice.

    The premise of WD is great allowing for camaraderie and teamwork.

    The prizes went out on the nose! Within hours of the events closing. Perfect!

    We love that the points are not cumulative. A reset after each battle is preferred, otherwise PUN, ferr and SUper Faction would be 1,2 and 3 next event without even participating.

    Strong work on actually asking for feedback


    Also as a lot of people have said, it would be nice to be able to vet an applicant before allowing him entry. At least let us see his profile page and wall so that we know if he is qualified or a troll who spams that crap about free gold from being a dev.

    Something else that would be nice would be some form of communication with the rival warring faction. I don't think a full open board would be a good idea, lots of cursing and unnecessary taunting, but maybe a board where one teams officers or leader could communicate with the other; maybe for a surrender or something.

    Finally, what about some sort of VIP option for faction recruitment? Like for allies; pay 10-25 gold and get your factions name posted for an hour. Granted this would only be helpful if we had the ability to get applicant before allowing entry.

    That's all I came up with. If you need me to expound upon any of these ideas feel free to give me a shout or a PM.


    Edit: For all faction leaders, you can assign vital game tasks to officers that do not require any programming changes. For instance some factions have a recruiting officer, a communications officer, a war chief, and a morale officer. Things that are done within the confines of the game and outside.
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    What about a way to forfeit a war? Specifically to address wars started early by trolls. Maybe give the winning faction a bonus but allow the unprepared faction to withdraw instead of being locked in for an hour?

    Also, include more forum like features in faction forum. The posts from our members was dropping off way too quickly as during each battle we have a lot of communications back and forth. Also, having 'sticky' topics will allow general notices and such to be read by all w/o having to keep reposting them. Lastly, being able to mass email (or even text message) members directly from within faction would be VERY useful. Perhaps limit this option to officers only.

    And definitely ability to track donations would be a great plus. Currently it takes a lot of effort and time to track them manually via a spreadsheet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit12 View Post
    2. Arctic Mine Building should've been part in advertisement cause it's only stay for couple of weeks. Some had no chance on getting it cause of not much time on getting it. Is there a chance you guys can extend it or something..?
    Cherry picking a point out of good points again: we want to do that but can't right now due to some kind of issue with the pop-up system (it is allergic to timers over here in MW). I'll ask about the plan going forward, but right now it is "limited time offer on themed buildings, get 'em while they're hot". The new Vault levels should help.

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