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    Posting Guidelines, and Welcome!

    Welcome to the forums! We aim to provide a fun and positive place for everyone to post about their experiences with our games. To that end, we require that everyone read and follow the guidelines below.

    Please DO:

    • Keep posts constructive
    • Treat your fellow forum goers (who love the games as much as you do) with respect
    • Keep invite codes and faction recruitment requests in the relevant sub-forums

    Please DO NOT:

    • Flame, insult others, make purposefully inflammatory posts or otherwise be a nuisance to other players or the moderators. In this and all other matters, the moderators have final say over what constitutes appropriate posts.
    • Swear or use any obscenities (cutting out letters or replacing letters with symbols still counts as swearing)
    • Discuss locked threads or moderation actions.
    • Post any form of nudity or sexual content.
    • Post any form of racist or otherwise discriminatory content.
    • Reveal your or anyone else's personal information.
    • Discuss unreleased game content.
    • Engage in religious or political discussion, or promote political or legal actions or boycotts against any entity
    • Hijack threads or go off-topic
    • Spam
    • "Necro" old threads
    • Use gigantic images in your signature
    • Post content from or discuss non-GREE games
    • Post from multiple forum accounts
    • Discuss illegal activities
    • Discuss activities that violate our terms of service (this includes discussion of cheating, hacking, botting, etc.)
    • Advertise any product and/or service.
    • Discuss or post in-whole or in-part any private discussion with a staff member or support agent without permission.
    • Post links to anything that violates these guidelines.


    • Abuse towards any staff member or moderator is prohibited
    • We reserve the right to edit or remove posts at any time for any reason
    • These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time; it is the responsibility of all forum users to understand and abide by the current posting guidelines.


    We also just wanted to take the time to remind everyone about protecting your safety in the games and on this forum. Although most players are well-meaning, there may be some who mean you harm. It is crucial to not give or ask for personal information in the game or on the forum. This type of information includes, but is not limited to:

    Home Address
    Device UDID
    Full Name
    Bank Account Information
    Social Security Number

    Specific account information that could result in hacking and/or theft

    Such information could be used to invade your privacy and risk your or your account's safety. Also, do not ask for personal information from other players.

    Thank you all for our cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact a moderator.
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