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    FAQ Breakdown - Frequently Asked Questions by the beginners

    Hi everyone,

    I've developed this guide to try and reduce the amount of questions being asked in the "Solutions will be provided ASAP" thread, as with over 130 pages now it's fair to say alot of the very informative and relative information in that thread is now lost. After all, who wants to trawl through 130 pages to find a question that's been asked before?

    I'll start with the basics; Acronyms and their meaning.

    Publishers of K&D - Actually Developed by IUGO.

    Enhancement points refer to the process of 'Enhancing an armour' and as the rarity of the armour increases, as do the enhancement points. It's for this reason we often tell new players that when leveling a level 70 armour it will become non-cost effective to level using basic armours at which point we move up to Snakeskin.

    Armour Acronyms

    Often you'll see us refer to armours in shorthand, that is the first letter of each word in the armour, there are not alot which are referred to this manner but the main ones are as follows;

    HH+ - Hydra Hunter +
    LF+ - Living Flame +
    CA+ - Crius Armour +
    AA+ Atlantean Avenger +
    SS+ Swamp Shaman / Starsong+ - You'll need to clarify on this armour as it could be either of these.
    WW+ - Wicked Wraith +
    DP+ Dark Princes Royal Armour+
    HD+ Half Dragon+
    Aegis+ - Aegis of the Dragon
    BF+ Blackfrost Raiment
    SG+ Sky Guardian
    Bkal, BK or BKR - Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment
    Nem or Nemmy - Epic Boss nemesis armour.
    Regalia+ - Regalia is an old Epic Boss armour - Don't worry about not having it, it's now unattainable.

    DPC - Dark Princes Chest

    The DPC is a source of armour, it's not free, and it's definitely not cheap. At 20 Gems a pop, I personally would NEVER reccomend a new player to use it. High level players use it to attain the Epic Boss nemesis armour in order to achieve level 60 weekly.

    VO - Video offers

    Not a commonly used acronym, but nevertheless I have seen it used on occasions, a VO is a video offer players can watch to gain gems. At the moment we're unsure of what exactly defines whether a player can or can't watch these videos, and more importantly why some of us get in excess of 10 videos a day, and others get none. So please, don't ask why you can't watch any, because we don't know anymore than you at the moment. There are a few theories, but none proved yet.

    EE - Epic Energy

    Epic Energy is the limited 'fuel' you have to fight the Epic Boss weekly. 1 EE will regenerate every 30 minutes up to a maximum of 10 at which point you must use some EE to continue to regenerate any. EE does however stack to numbers way higher than 10, so if for example you were to fight the Epic Boss and he dropped several EE, it would go higher than 10, but still would not regenerate until that number falls below 10.

    AE - Arena Energy

    Just like EE, Arena energy is the fuel to fight PvP (Player vs. Player) in the Arena. AE has a maximum of 5 but just like EE also stacks to numbers much higher than 5.

    TF - Training Fields

    Training Fields are arguably the most effective way of earning gold. They offer a seriously good hourly rate, only beaten by Monsters Nests and they also when fully upgraded hold a maximum of 24,000 gold at any one time. In comparison, the Monsters Nests can only hold 2500 meaning the TF is a really effective way of gaining money with minimal loss, especially when you go to bed and sleep for several hours.

    DD - Double down (Arena)

    When fighting in the Arena you have the option after WINNING to 'Double down', the easiest way to explain this is it's a 'Double or nothing' gamble.

    If you double down and win your next fight, you will gain an extra 25% bonus, win again and you'll get 50%, 100%, 150%, 200% and so forth until you reach 8 Double Downs at which point you have no choice but to take the rewards and start again.

    If you choose to Double Down and loose your fight, you will loose all your rewards from previous wins in the Double Down streak, you will however get the option to spend Gems to keep the DD, this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

    The DD option is suited more to high level players with great armour to give them more chance to keep earning higher rewards to progress up the rank tables. I don't want to discourage a low level player from using the DD feature, but be warned, you can and will lose eventually. The moral? Don't get greedy.

    The Data sheet

    The datasheet is a spreadsheet collated by several members of this community that offers everyone a central database of many statistics for the players to compare armours, check possible combination results, EP rates for each armour level ( *,**,***,****). It is an extremely useful sheet and can be found here.

    Other important information

    What is a + armour?
    Any + Armour refers to armour that superseeds it's non+ counterpart, i.e if you level a Basic Fire Armour to level 5 (is that correct?) you gain the ability to craft the + version which gives better stat increase per level resulting in higher overall stats.

    What level do I unlock the + version of the big 4?
    Level 15 will unlock the +version for each of the big 4.

    What armour should I be aiming for level 20-60 as i'm really struggling with progression?
    The big 4; Atlantean Avenger+, Hydra Hunter Mail+, Living Flame+, Crius+.

    What's the best way to enhance armour?
    Ideally you want to keep elements together when enhancing armour. For example, leveling a Basic fire armour with Basic Earth armour (Earth Element) will not be as effective as levelling it with Fire Armour (Fire Element). The aim when enhancing is to consistently use the same elements in order to maximise the levels your gaining for the least money spent.

    Upgrading buildings

    An important point I think all beginners should know is that upgrading a building does not only increase capacity for gold, it also increases the generation of gold. For example, if I gain a 10% capacity increase from upgrading my Fountain, my gold generation rate on that same Fountain also increases by 10%.

    Spending money and gems

    I'm not going to expand on this at all, as Rad's guide is extremely in-depth in this particular area, you can find the guide by clicking here

    Enhancing Armours

    I found this post by Radlonghammer in the questions thread, it has some very good points and I think is a very good read for new players confused about how to quickly level their armour in the cheapest possible way.


    The idea that farming Snakeskins is the only way to quickly level armor is one of the most commonly held beliefs of K&D players, and is not entirely accurate. Up to a certain point, Snakeskin as enhancement material is absolutely the most GOLD EFFICIENT means, but is absolutely NOT the most time efficient, nor is it the fastest.

    In order to understand, in detail, the effectiveness of an armor when enhancing another armor, it's critical to understand the concept of Enhancement Points. The more EP you throw at an armor, the more it will level.

    All armors have two EP values; one when it is used to enhance an armor with at least one matching elements, and another that is approximately 20% lower when used to enhance an armor with NO matching elements. Here are some basics:

    *Basic Armors (Basic Fire, Spirit, Earth, Air, Water) Give 6 points if matching, 5 points if not.

    *Uncommon Monos (Seafoam, Dragonflame, Mystic, Wing Warrior, Stonescale, and Nemesis armors) give 10 points if matching, 8 if not.

    *Rare, Single Star Duals (Snakeskin, Atlantean, Crius, Chimera, Hydra, Livingflame, Flamestorm) give 24 points if matching at least one element, 20 points if matching none.

    **Super Rare, Two Star Duals (Embersteel, Monks, Exorcists, Flowstone, Forgemasters, etc.) give 50 points if matching at least one element, 40 points if not.

    Furthermore, if an armor has been enhanced itself, it gives additional Enhancement Points equal to every level beyond level one. For example, your maxed nemesis that might no longer once the boss is gone gives 10 matching element points, plus 29 (Level 30-1) for a total of 39 enhancement points.

    Now that you know what an armor gives, let's take a look at what it costs. As with everything in K&D, cost must be looked at as both a function of gold and a function of time.

    All Basic armors feature the same cost to craft (300 gold) and the same time to craft (5 minutes). Knowing that, we can calculate an Ehancement Point (EP) payoff per gold spent, and per minute spent.

    With matching elements: 50 gold/EP, and .833 minutes/EP
    Without matching elements: 60 gold/EP and 1 minute/EP

    The Uncommon Monos cost 500 gold and 30 minutes to craft, so:

    With matching elements: 50 gold/EP, and 3 minutes/EP
    Without matching elements: 62.5 gold/EP and 3.75 minutes/EP

    The Rare, Single Star Duals have varying crafting costs, and Snakeskin is by far the cheapest at 3000 gold. Like all armors of this class, crafting time is 2 hours, or 120 minutes. Snakeskin costs:

    With matching elements: 125 gold/EP, and 5 minutes/EP
    Without matching elements: 150 gold/EP, and 6 minutes/EP


    Suppose you're using Snakeskin to level an armor with neither the Earth nor the Water element, such as Livingflame (Fire/Spirit) or Rocfeather (wind/spirit). An alternative to the Snake might be to craft Wing Warriors or Mystics, and level them up to L11, where they will pay the same 20 (10 = L11-1) EP as the non-matching Snakeskin. To do so, you will need 500 gold for the Mono, and 300 gold each for 8 basics. You will also pay enhancement costs of 150 each slot x 4 slots to level your mono from L1-L6, and 400 each slot x 4 slots to level it from L6-L11. (Note the increase in enhancement cost as the level of the armor to be enhanced rises. This is a very important cost component to be considered later.)

    Anyhow, our L11 mono cost us 500 for the mono, 2400 for the 8 basics used to enhance it, and 2200 in total enhancement costs, for a total gold cost of 5100. This is obviously more expensive than the 3000 for the Snakeskin.

    Timewise, we've spent 30 minutes to craft our mono, and 5 minutes each for the 8 basics (40 minutes) for a total of 70 minutes, far less than the 120 minutes the snake took. Let's look at our payoff vs. the Snakeskin:

    Unmatched Snake: 150 gold/EP, and 6 minutes/EP
    Matched L11 Mono: 255 gold/EP, and 3.5 minutes/EP

    It should be clear that while the Snakeskin gives us our 20 EP cheaper, does NOT give it faster!


    Crafting time ceases to match up with real life time once you have multiple armories. Let's suppose you have four armories, and look at the same example again, but using real life time to craft either 4 Snakeskins or 4 L11 Matching Monos, to exploit all 4 enhancement slots.

    With 4 armories, you will craft your 4 Snakeskins in 2 hours of real life time, and your 4 L11 monos in 70 minutes of real life time. Same amount of real life time as the example above, but with FOUR TIMES THE PAYOUT, 80 EP vs. only 20. Hence:

    Unmatched Snake x4: 150 gold/EP, and 1.5 minutes/EP
    Matched L11 Mono x4: 255 gold/EP, and .875 minutes (52 1/2 seconds)/EP!!!

    Not only should this demonstrate that Snakeskin is NOT the fastest way to level armor, but it should also underscore the importance of having multiple armories at work when leveling armors is a high priority!

    If you can afford the additional gold cost, and want to level an armor more quickly, you might well consider this alternative to Snakeskin.


    Let's look at the Snakeskin vs. the Super Rare (2 Star) Dual Elements. Let's say you're leveling a Spirit/Wind Armor such as Roc Feather or Sky Guardian. In this case, Exorcist's Vestments would be a good choice of enhancement armor. Like all of the 2 Star Duals, however, it can not be crafted and is only available through chests, possible event rewards, and fusion.

    Fortunately, it is an extremely reliable result of fusing Wing Warrior (Slot 1) with Mystic (Slot 2). Although we can't assign a time/gold cost to the required fusion stones, we can consider the cost of the Base Armors and the Cost of the Fusion.

    Wing Warrior (500) + Mystic (500) + Fusion (25,000) =26,000 gold. Time is 30 minutes each for Wing and Mystic, and instantaneous for the fusion, so 60 minutes is the crafting time. The Payoff is 50 EP. Therefore:

    Unmatched Snake: 150 gold/EP, and 6 minutes/EP ( 20 total EP for 3000 total gold, and 120 min. total crafting time)
    Matching Exorcist: 520 gold/EP, and 1.2 minutes/EP (50 total EP for 26,000 total gold, and 60 min total. crafting time)

    Same example with 4 armories, considering REAL TIME:

    Unmatched Snake x4: 150 gold/EP, and 1.5 minutes/EP (80 total EP for 12,000 total gold, and 120 min. total REAL time)
    Matching Exorcist x4: 520 gold/EP, and 0.3 minutes/EP (200 total EP for 104,000 total gold, 60 min. total REAL time)

    Snake loses the speed battle again, and by a TON!


    The cost of enhancing armor rises dramatically with the level of the armor to be enhanced. Here's a glimpse at the rising cost scale, by the amount of gold it takes to fill all 4 enhancement slots at various levels of the target armor (I'm giving this in increments of 5 levels. The comprehensive chart may be seen in the spreadsheet):

    L1: 600
    L6: 1600
    L11: 2800
    L16: 5200
    L21: 7200
    L26: 11,000
    L31: 16,000
    L36: 24,000
    L41: 34,000
    L46: 44,000
    L51: 54,000
    L56: 64,000
    L61: 74,000
    L66: 84,000
    L69: 90,000

    Obviously, the higher the level of the armor you're enhancing, the bigger component of the cost the enhancement itself becomes. That's a third component that we've not yet considered. Let's look at 4x Unmatched Snake vs. 4x Matching Exorcists when enhancing a Level 51 Roc Feather or Sky Guardian.

    4x Unmatched Snake =12,000 in Crafting Cost + 54,000 in Enhancement Cost = 66,000 for 80 EP, or 825 gold/EP
    4x Matching Exorcists =4000 Crafting + 100,000 Fusion + 54,000 Enhancement = 158,000 for 200 EP, or 790 gold/EP

    While up to this point, we've accepted that Snakeskin is the Slower, but Cheaper alternative, we see that at some point, Snakeskin fails even to be the cheapest alternative!

    YET ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT If you look at the cost progression above as a road on which you have to make a certain number of stops, and pay at a certain number of toll booths, it should become obvious that the fewer stops you have to make, the less total gold you will spend along the way. Simply put, the MORE EP you can add to your target armor per enhancement, the fewer times you'll have to pay the enhancement cost. This isn't a terribly big deal when you're enhancing a Nemesis armor to it's maximum level of 30. When you're enhancing an armor that maxes at L70, however, it becomes a significant cost component, further devaluing Snakeskin vs. the alternative.

    In conclusion: Snakeskin is a very valuable component of a proper armor enhancement strategy, but it should never be seen as the only component. When it's time to start leveling those L70 armors to the max, it's time to lessen your reliance on Snake. When Snake is non-matching, and you have more gold than time, consider those L11 Monos!

    ***Edited to add***

    When your "real time" is going to be spent away from the game, Snakeskins are still great to craft. I have my armories churning them out any time I know I'm going to be away from the game for at least 2 hours!


    Another quick post, this time from jon+funzio, he gives a brief summary of the game as you grow and continue through the levels;

    In K&D it seems to be quite the opposite of normal Gree games - to be really competitive in the arena, against bosses and to beat the PvE enemies you need to have strong stats which come from (a) strong armour, (b) being higher level.

    With each level that you gain you increase your attack, defence and HP, for both your main knight (you) and your party of knights. You also increase the maximum number of armour slots and the maximum number of friends you can have (more on this later).

    Armour come in three main forms:
    - 30 level armour - this is basic armour, it can be crafted using your armour-smith from materials found in all maps, both the more advanced materials (like stone slabs) and the basic materials (like stone shards).
    - 50 level armour – more advanced armour that can be crafted using boss loot from higher level maps or can be fused from basic elements.
    - 70 level armour – the most advanced armour, can sometimes be crafted (especially from beat the boss events), or found in Dark Price Chests.

    Enhancing armour:
    The higher the level of your armour the slower upgrading will be. Upgrading a level 60/70 armour will require considerably more resources than a 10/70. When upgrading armour, you get faster upgrades from using higher quality armour (so enhancing a 1/70 armour with a 1/50 will upgrade it more than a 1/30). You also get a bonus for using armour of shared element.

    These are especially important for beating bosses and completing some high level maps – the mid-to-high levels of the boss will be nearly impossible without strong friends, the higher your level, the more friend “slots” you have, and so the more likely you will be to have friends with nemesis armour (3x damage vs. the boss) or high level friends with the “strong against” element.
    Having some weak friends can also help in PvP tournaments as they get you extra tournament points.

    Armour Slots
    You gain these as you level up – you will need a lot of these especially when crafting new armour that you want to upgrade as far as possible immediately, a low level player has less slots, so can stock pile less armour.


    This is all I can think of at the moment - If anyone thinks there's something i've missed feel free to either PM me, or leave a post below. I'd prefer PM to keep this thread clean as I don't want this ending up as another 100+ pager and loosing this info!

    Happy holidays!
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    Epic FAQ is EPIC!!

    Please sticky this! Imagine what life would have been if I had had this TOP NOTCH INFO when I first started...

    Thanks a ton, 600RR!!!
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    Very basic, very nice
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    I'm confused at the Snakeskin Alternative #1,

    When it says to enhance a Mono armour to 11, does that mean to only enhance ONE of the four Mono armours that I will be using to enhance my LF+? Or does it mean to make all four armours to 11 THEN use those to enhance my LF+?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilledaz View Post
    I'm confused at the Snakeskin Alternative #1,

    When it says to enhance a Mono armour to 11, does that mean to only enhance ONE of the four Mono armours that I will be using to enhance my LF+? Or does it mean to make all four armours to 11 THEN use those to enhance my LF+?

    Thanks in advance!
    In that particular section he's referencing what he refers to as REAL TIME. Which is having only a single armory pumping out armor. From that I'm assuming that the example is for a single mono being enhanced and consumed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EljayK View Post
    In that particular section he's referencing what he refers to as REAL TIME. Which is having only a single armory pumping out armor. From that I'm assuming that the example is for a single mono being enhanced and consumed.
    So does that mean I should only make one armour level 11 or do I make all four armours level 11?

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    This IS pretty amazing. so detail.
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    That was a really good read 600RR!

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    Nice and simple, the Developers of K&D"

    Knights and Dragons was developed by IUGO. It was published by Gree.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Neomagic View Post
    That was a really good read 600RR!
    Glad you liked it

    Quote Originally Posted by Nvk4 View Post

    Nice and simple, the Developers of K&D"

    Knights and Dragons was developed by IUGO. It was published by Gree.


    ThanksNvk, i've now updated it to show exactly that.
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    Thanks! Very much appreciated.

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    Hi guys, firstly I did not see a questions thread. Where is it??

    Secondly, I have crafted my first lvl70 armour and maxing it (Swamp) What should I make next??

    Last, I've no idea why I can't post a new thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrvin View Post
    Hi guys, firstly I did not see a questions thread. Where is it??

    Secondly, I have crafted my first lvl70 armour and maxing it (Swamp) What should I make next??

    Last, I've no idea why I can't post a new thread.

    I'd suggest Infernal Lord or Dark Prince. (+ versions only of course)

    You'll have to have posted 10 times before you can make threads. Make sure to use the questions thread for questions like these though.
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    need help on how to get start

    I'm a new player, I've played CC and MW before, in what ways is this game different from the other 2?
    Where can I join guild? Are the any special events like boss and collecting/opening box in CC? How to do the Deva? Do I keep leveling up/camp?


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    nice post

    Thank you for this information, gives me insight on how i should progress from where im at now.
    Very active and recently addicted!

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