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    Dawn of the Dragons Guild

    Dawn of the Dragons looking for some active players willinh to learn. HC slots available. Contact Doctor No on LINE at doctorno43

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    Obsidian Skies (OS) Recruitment Post - Android Actives

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Thomas and I run the guild Obsidian Skies with my girlfriend Alexis.

    Previously, we were in charge of a maxed, level 75 guild, but after new members and a change of alliances we decided to make a new guild. The name was chosen by all our members at the time and it seems to fit just fine. We're low on members and are looking for plenty of new, active members from around the world, who generally know the game well enough and are fairly leveled.

    Our guild is currently level 46 after a little more than a month of leveling. We started the guild after the Feb. 17th's epic war. We use the Line app to coordinate during wars, and to just chat about knights and dragons along with pretty much anything else.

    We do not require you to gem during wars nor will we ever, but that doesn't mean we will stop you if you want to. Current members already gem quite frequently. We're a close knit group, so we always try to help each other out, so if you're newer to the game, we have seasoned members who have been playing for a long time to help you.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, if you're interested in joining OS please contact myself at 'thomas4mvp' on the Line app or 'alexis0503' on the Line app also.

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    Wanna join a fun and active Guild?

    Hello we are a motivated guild and looking for active and fun members. Were a non gem guild. but this may change in the future.

    also its a guild where everyone has a vote. its not just me who makes the decicisions. Were here to get you guys up to lvl 100+ as fast as possible!.

    Only thing were asking for is that your an active player. Its still a new guild but if youre interested in becoming one of the guild founders and maybe an leadership role then pleaze join. Our guild is all about having fun!!

    Guild Master: tunux (lvl 220+) WBC-CCF-YWV

    Level requirement: 30+

    Line ID: tunux

    Guild name: In Team We Trust

    Add me on Line App messenger if u want to join us. or add me as a friend and invite yourself to the guild!

    See you there!!!

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    Active player looking for a new guild.

    Found a new guild. Thanks for all the offers.
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    The Wings of Death

    The Wings of Death

    We are a level 28 guild who currently have 13 open spaces, we lost some active players and now we are rebuilding! We are looking for new recruits who are happy to get out what they put in for some fun and some progression.

    We would like a balance between USA/Europe players so we can have an "overwatch" so the guild never sleeps!

    We are a quiet but friendly bunch with a +5% boost to all armor types, you don't need to spend gems, you don't need to have line chat, you do need to want to have some fun and progress!

    Level 11+ all are welcome

    GM= Taylor
    Gem Spending Loony= Me

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    Top 50 Guild Canadians Mass Recruit

    Top 50 Guild Canadians Mass Recruit


    Rank: Top 50 Fools Fight (4 Day War)
    Guild Level: 75
    Guild Master: Level 295 with 5 epics
    Sentinel: Level 222 with epics pluses
    Guild Champion: Level 212 with epics

    * We constantly finish top100 but have hit top50 and wanna stay there and push for top25 (epics 4 all)
    * We are mostly Canadian but have some players from other countries and nightshift workers so we are fighting 24hrs which is a huge benefit
    * Our Guild is Competitive, but still fun to be a part of.
    * Recently kicked a lot of players after 4 day because they weren't contributing properly to the success of the Guild SO WE HAVE OPENINGS TO BE FILLED.
    * I'm a Super helpful GM especially when it comes to fusing epics (its sorta my thing)


    -Must be level 100 or higher with an epic or atleast 4+
    -Must be willing to reach atleast 15k even if have to spend a few gems during war (some are free you know)
    -Must download and use Line Chat. (My name is clogan on line chat)
    -Must be able to listen to the leaders of the Guild since we do have a plan in place
    -Above all you must want to win and be willing to put the time in to make that happen.

    *We are ready to go for the top 25 and so if you are too message me on the forum or linechat me at clogan

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    Pennsylvania, USA

    Android Guild Heart Breakers is recruiting.

    Lvl 68 Guild
    Typically place in the 60s & 70s in epic wars dropped to 101 in Fools Fight thanks to all the leeches that just made room for you to join! Last epic war we placed our highest at 31st

    We are in BB alliance and one of our allies, Chaos Starters, just placed 6th in Fools Fight.
    Every war we are picking up more allies.

    Current Bonuses: Air, spirit & fire 9% Earth & water 8%

    We are a competitive guild that has fun, this is a game after all. Planning for a top 10 push in about 2 months but we swap players with other allies in the mean time to help anyone who's ready to get a war epic now.

    What do you need?
    Level 90 minimum
    At least 3 EB+ armors maxed or about to be
    3 day war minimum 17k points Blitz 5k
    Must use Line
    If you don't meet these, you're going to lose too many war matches and miss points but we have allies that are active you can join to get stronger in.

    If interested contact on Line spanky macdougal or j3wb0y (the o is a zero)
    have screen shots of your best armors, war points and castle


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    Forgotten Realm Recruiting

    Forgotten Realm is recruiting active lvl 50+ players.

    Last 3 day war we ranked 429 with 20 people, we have some HC spots open also. We are looking to get top 10 overall but trying for 250 , 100 and so on. We of course are not the best guild but are looking to find players that want to be. We do play to win and you will be expected to use a few gems.(nothing to crazy maybe some of the free gems for a frenzy or to get your 40 wins.)

    Guild is lvl 42 and has 6% to all elements atm.
    Members have 4* or better and getting more 5* in guild, our sent has 3 5*s one which is plus version.


    *Must be active

    *Must use group me app

    *Must be lvl 50+ atm (will change as guild progresses)

    *Must have atleast 40 wins for guild war events. (blitz no requirements atm)

    *Must give notice if you do need to be inactive

    *Need to follow orders of ranking officers, but don't be afraid to give us your input, it could help or change some of the things we do.

    **Apply in game to Forgotten Realm or, contact Carnage- ( on group me.**

    Look forward to meeting you, good players here lots of good times.
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    Brand new Guild looking for active members.

    Guild: TeamCool
    Brand new level 1
    Decided to start from scratch since my old guild had inactive members looking for players who will participate in guild war and contribute to the guild.

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    Talking dawn of the dead needs a few good players

    hey all I'm looking for active players level 80 or higher
    our guild is level 75. All boosts at 9%, gems not required but welcome. Top players promoted each war. Our typical rank is 160 or better, best ever 86th. If you are interested in joining us contact me on line my id is heidil26. I'm really looking to advance the guild and would love some fresh faces

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    Star Gazers - looking for active players

    Star Gazers is an English speaking, international guild looking for active, social players to add to our ranks.

    Our bonuses are as follows:
    Fire: 5%
    Water: 5%
    Spirit: 5%
    Air: 4%
    Earth: 4%

    *Must be active (absenses to be reported beforehand)
    *lv30+ entry level

    Apply via the guild finder menu or add me (WBN-MBY-WMP) for an invite

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    Adults (and ladies!!)- Join Royal-t!

    So, why join Royal-t?

    What makes us worthier than most other guilds is simply this: our people and undying effort--our dedicated member base and the spirit of the guild: Stallion (guild leader), Lady Gwen (wife of Stal, guild champion), and many others work hard to keep the guild active and engaging for new members. LINE chat is always busy, with multiple rooms; the forum is updated weekly with players' stats (war points, levels per week, call outs for missing wars); there's a solid and tested set of rules to follow to keep us all on track; a democratic process for becoming a high commander; and other kinds of democratic polling venues--votes on what elements to upgrade, who should be the next sentinel, etc.

    All that said, the reality for any veteran high level guild is this: when most members are 100+ with full epics--an ability to rotate different epics mid-war, etc.--and with close to maxed out element bonuses, and when this isn't enough to get top twenty in some wars, then you get players who still expect top-ten placement in guild wars simply because, well, there's not much else to do but affiliate with guild members after a certain point (no new zones to explore, effete boss armors, etc.). But we have the wisdom that comes from being around: we know better than to expect top ten placement. The reality is that getting into top ten requires massive--we believe immoral--money spent on gems. It's a basic fact: if you want top ten you have to spend heaps, and we're not a guild that accepts GREE's spend-to-win model. We do the best we can with the gems we've got--using gem savings schemes to put us in a stronger position--and thus make due with the momentum of our players' 'natural' efforts over time. If that's what you want, along with our good, diverse folk and lively chat, then join our guild; but if you want something else and don't mind throwing away your hard earned cash on baubles, then by all means, keep trying to join a pre-established top-ten or start your own with masses of money spent. That money could--as a matter of fact and not liberal apology--go to better ends that have real and not virtual impacts on lives that need it, such as donating to a charity, helping friends and family, buying a book or gym membership, etc.

    So, the bottom line is this: if you want to be in an established guild with good, reliable folk--multiple ladies and diverse others--and if you want to be encouraged to get better without being economically exploited, then go to and respond to the public forum's recruitment questions. Alternatively, you can contact Stallion (1stknightstallion), Lady Gwen (Lady-gwen), or myself (lexie119) on LINE chat.

    Cheers and we look forward to having a beer with you and shootin' the Sh1t! oh yeah, and of course beating the Sh1t out of everyone we can--which is most other guilds


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    Unbridled Happiness Android

    Dear All
    Are you looking to join a guild where gems aren't a must! Download chat isn't a must! Then maybe we are the guild for you.
    Unbridled Happiness is upcoming guild who lays between the 500-750 area.
    There are already 3 gem spending loonies who help with the wars
    All that we ask is that you are over level 50/75 active happy to give some gold and that you want to have fun.
    Our leader is level 138, sentinel is 132 and i am level 112.
    Come join and be happy.
    Any questions fire away but the answer will be 42!
    Fuzzy Bits over & out

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    Dark at Knight is looking for you.

    We are a new guild that placed in the top 500 in the last war. We are looking for anyone over level 50 that wants to grow with us. We have 4 spots open. Only apply if you want to fight in the wars and help us move up in rank. We have members from USA and Europe so we fight day and night. Message me on Line ID taqdarkatknight or search for Dark at Knight in the game to join.

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    The Shining Force is looking for active members, to help get them to next level.

    The Shining Force is now recruiting active members, we are a training guild to help members get the armors they need to advance in the game, and do well in wars. We are allied with the Juggernauts a top 50 guild soon to be top 25. We will help you get the requirements needed to join, and show you how team work wins wars. We do not require gems or gold contributions, just activity. If your interested in advancing in the game, and joining a winning team please message dartht or tatertot1 in line.
    Taking anyone 11+

    Guild level. 46
    Promotions based on activity.

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