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    softfoot St Wise is recruiting

    Level 53, water +6, rest +7

    We're looking for active and fun members. Gem spending isn't required but some do. Looking for players 50+ who want to be active in guild wars. we've been placing between 700-350 in wars but can do much better with several active players. You can find us on "Line". I'm kndjohannsen.

    Johannsen, Guild sentinel.

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    Fallen Shadow Lords

    Laid back guild like to have fun
    90+ lvl req
    line messenger required
    add me samzon81

    My friend code.

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    Smile Storm Chasers


    Come join the Storm Chasers guild!!!

    We are looking for active players and have just got a new Guildmaster assigned after the old one became inactive. We are level 26 with Air, Spirit, and Fire at 6% boost. We will take anyone who is active!!! We are friendly!!!

    Friend me, Beldur: WBH-HWF-DBX

    Pick our guild because there are more exclamation points in this announcement than average!!!
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    Be part of A Youtuber Guild.. Forgotten Wisedom!!

    Forgotten Wisedom is a new up and coming guild! Our guild master is a ex top ten TSUN4MI, his youtube account is Murdock Madness. We have a strong team of members with Epics and Legendaires.

    We're looking for Very Active players with strong armors and players who can put up points during war and help make Forgotten Wisedom a stronger guild!

    Message tsunami44 or alexknd17 on line

    (Gemming is not required, but it is preferred)

    6 spots left :)

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    Diablo Hunters Guild Recruitment

    First things first, if you do NOT purchase gems, this guild is not for you. As an alternative, we have started a sister guild called Diablos Vatos.

    Guild level is 66 and our elemental bonuses are currently two levels from max.
    We have many active and powerful members, and we are looking for more super heroes to solidify our guild.

    •Must have LINE app and use it!
    •Must send screenshots of your friend code, knights,
    castle expansion, and war points from your most recent war(s) to dhantichrist, dhfasteddie, danny4yeux and Dh Defender on line chat.
    •Must be prepared for a quick interview.

    Guild requirement is level 80+. Max Epic or Max Epic Boss+ Armor is preferred.
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    Looking to get into good guild

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Nate~ View Post
    No problem
    Im level 66 with 6 armors 4* and 2 epics. Actively play all day every day.

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    Guardians of Hyrule is recruiting

    Guardians of Hyrule is recruiting!

    We are a new guild run by two previous high commanders of a top 100 ranking guild.

    We are a guild focused on helping and advancing active, like minded players.

    Join us!

    Members advised to join us on Line chat. Our Line id's are: selina14789 & ikill4giggles please feel free to message us with questions about the guild.

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    level 79
    druidic platemail : 42 working hard on this one
    Wraithscale: 41
    Redstone Battlegear:35
    Armour of the wolf: 38
    Demons Carapiece: 38
    Armor of Glacius, Black frost Raiment, Drake platemail, Typhoon, Razorwind, Wurmshroud, and Wicker mantle all level 35

    friend code: WBB-BXG-GPF
    leaving current guild after war
    line user id bryf

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    The Unchained

    The Unchained is a level 40 guild looking for some fresh active players to help us advance in guild wars. We currently have level 7 bonuses, and are accepting anyone level 60+. You don't have to have excellent gear; just be friendly, cooperative, and willing to lend a blade when war is at hand. We're in this to have fun, so gems and donations are entirely up to your discretion. Give an in-game guild request, or contact Dacien via Line messenger.

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    Guild Recruiting: Aerial Lv 22 Guild / Lv 30+ Required / 15/23 Members

    About Aerial

    We are just a bunch of people who help each other, and try our best during the guild wars. We strive for activity, friendships and overall just having fun/killing time. We currently sit around anywhere between the 1,000-2,000 rank as a guild, but each war we have improved. We are hoping to continue our progression through the ranks and always aim to beat our last efforts.

    The only requirement is to remain active enough that your inactivity isn´t questioned, and that you´re 30+.

    Current Members: 15/23
    Current Guild Lv: Level 22
    Guild Master Lv: 68 (as of 13/04/2014)
    Guild Senteniel Lv: 73 (as of 13/04/2014)
    Guild Champion Lv: 69 (as of 13/04/2014)
    Guardians: Currently have 5, which may drop/rise over the coming days. (We are always purchasing more. Can 100% guarantee there will always be at least several guardians per active guild war)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you.

    Aerial Guild Master; Emsy

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    Dawn of the Dragons looking for a few good men/women


    Dawn of the Dragons, run by former top 10 players, looking for some good active players, no gemming required, just activity. Last 3 wars, we are new, placed 1448, 1206 and 304 just today. We have our first 6% bonus. We are friendly, and all over the world, USA-- Virginia, California, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and more, England, France, Germany, and the Land down under!

    Come join us, see what we are about, grow with us, have fun and remember how much you loved this game again. If you are new, we can help you in all facets of the game. GM is Doctor No, Level 194, formerly of Majestic guilds.

    On LINE, Contact Doctor No at doctorno43.


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    Menrule Guild!


    Guild Name: Menrule

    Guild Level: 46

    Guild Level Requirement: Level 30+

    Elemental Bonuses: a few 7% and the rest 6%

    Guild master, Sentinel, and Champion all have epics and epic+ maxed. Over level 100

    For contact information, use the app called “Line.” Enter in my User ID – saber2319. I am happy to answer any and all questions.

    About our guild:
    The majority of our guild lives in America. We currently have 16/32 total members in our guild and maintain rank 750 in guild wars. We are in need of more participants to reach this guilds full potential. I know if we fill up to 32 active members, we will become top 250 EASY. Contributing is totally up to you on how much you want to put in weekly. There is no limit, but we would love to get enough from everybody for guild purchases and elemental bonuses. Our guild heavily uses line. We have a “War Room” chat and a separate “Menrule” chat for random conversations. Everyone is friendly and we have a blast just talking to one another! We have some very experienced players that know lots of juicy tips for leveling up faster and other topics.

    My friend code is WBM-GNR-BPC. I am Level 153. Add me on line and in-game and I would be happy to introduce you to the family!

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    Born of Fyre

    Hello and i would like to announce that our guild Born Of Fyre is looking for active players.

    Guild Name: Born Of Fyre.

    Requirements are simple:
    1 - We use Line for all our guild wars..Its our source of communication.
    2- We are looking for members who are 30+..we may be nice and let you in if you don't meet the requirements but we will have to see about that .

    Rules -
    1. Simple..Be nice to all the guild members and respectful and there will be no problems .

    We are a level 29 inch hair short from level 30..we have currently 14/26 members looking to fill our ranks with recruits and get everyone in the guild gear..we are a guild of real life friends who are looking to progress further in guild wars for better gear.

    Our guild sentinel, master, and champion are all over level 100+ and are geared in either all epics, or all legendaries/+ version.

    For any questions or if you would like to join contact me in game or on line..line ID is Deathstrokke.

    thank you for your time.

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    Top 25 guild - the juggernauts are recruiting !!


    The Juggernauts guild info:
    - Guild level 75
    - Android guild
    - 36 Levels of element bonus purchased (almost maxed)
    - Last armour war rank #15
    - Guild master and guild sent are both ex Death Knights
    - Communicate through the line app

    We are looking to recruit experienced players who want to fight at a high level and have fun doing so. There is NO gem requirement to be in the this guild, just be capable of hitting the guild war score requirements. As we are part of the DK empire we can send our members to one of the many top 10 guilds that are part of this organisation and when people need a break from top 10 they can come back to the juggernauts and still get a top 25 epic reward !!!!

    Requirements to join:
    - 3 Maxed epic boss + legendry armours
    - 3 Maxed epic armours
    - A mixture of the above
    - Full castle expansion

    We also have a sister guild called the shining force who rank around #250 were people go to train up to be ready for the Juggernauts. So if you dont have these requirements i can send you there.

    How to apply:

    Pm me on the Line app , my line id is jnoli
    Please have ready a screenshot of your armours and castle. Screenshot of a previous war score could also help. hope to hear from you soon!!!

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    Active member looking for new guild

    Android, Level 200
    6 maxed epics, many maxed eb+ armor
    Level 3 training fields and 1 level 3 monster nest, 4 level 3 armorsmiths
    Looking for guild sentinel or champion position in a guild with at least 7% bonuses
    On from 7am - 8pm pst during guild wars
    Do not use line or gems

    Please respond back to me here and if interested I can join your guild and we can chat in game

    Epic Warrior
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