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Thread: MERGING FACTIONS: Post Here (Only factions who want to merge)

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    Oct 2013
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    Merge with Australian or Asian Squad

    War Winner
    60% USA / 30 % Europe / 5% Asia / 5% Australia
    Currently 52 members
    Pending between 251 and 350 in WD and FL

    Looking for active team members from Australia, Asia and Europe / Merge with Australian - or Asian team.

    We always struggle when USA sleeps.

    We can make at least 10 empty slots, bring over your active crew and bring us back to top 250 or even top 150…
    Use free app ; Line for communication (line id ; jjqr)
    Almost all bonuses completed
    Complete raid boss and epic boss prestige FLTQ events
    War winner

    Health Regen Time ; MAXX
    Ground Defence / Attack ; MAXX
    Air Defence / Attack ; MAXX
    Infantry Defence / Attack ; MAXX
    Sea Defense / Attack ; MAXX
    Building Defense ; MAXX
    Building Output ; MAXX
    Casualty rate ; MAXX
    Guild member ; + 40

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    Apr 2014
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    United States of America Top 300 faction
    Looking for active individual players or the right faction to merge with us.
    All bonuses are maxed.
    We use docbot and Groupme to communicate.
    Come for a chat in our Groupme room.

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    KTA is looking to absorb an active smaller faction. We have 12-18 slots open. Finish top 400-500 in wars. All faction bonuses maxed. No need for donations. With faction filled with active players we can move up. IF interested merging into kta please add and contact wrath in game. Add 871-710-762

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    Modern War Killers is currently recruiting ACTIVE players to be a part of our team.

    We could take 10-15 accts.

    Faction WD place history:
    Russian Rampage - 289, Division Rank - 70
    American Armageddon - 207
    Hong Kong Hustle - 248, Division Rank - 63

    Current Faction Bonuses:
    All Maxed

    faction invite code: 569989386

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    BOD currently have more than 15 spots as a lot of players recently retired from MW. If you are in the top 1000 faction and have a team of active players, do consider merging with us BOD (Black Ops Division) to have more fun in the game. We have a good mix of USA, UK and Asian players. We have also maxed out all faction bonuses and currently am in top200+.


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    Looking for a Top 25 or Top 50 faction to start talks of a merger.

    Derek of iDelph

    iDelph faction code: 792-952-652

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    We are a maxed out normally T300-400 faction ( slipped to 520 last WD) looking for some active players .We have 50/60 members at present so can take a group of friends / or a merger into us .We don't require players to use gold or donate $$ but ask for concrete and folders . The faction has simple rules , realises people have real life's and can't be on 24/7 365 days a year.
    Groupme is manadatory
    Concrete and folders
    Inform officers of periods of inactivity (ie Hoildays)

    Health Regen Time: +30%. Max
    Ground Att: +35%. Max
    Air Att: +35%. Max
    Infantry Att: +35% Max
    Sea Att +35%. Max
    Ground Def +35%. Max
    Infantry Def +35%. Max
    Air Def +35%. Max
    Sea Def +35% Max
    Building Def +35% Max
    Building Output: +35% Max
    Casualty Rate -30% Max
    Guild Member Increase: +40
    FACTION CODE 906-450-711 or PM for more details

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    Jun 2013
    North Carolina
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    Modern War
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    CHAOS Alpha Assassins is looking for a crew of about 15. My GroupMe name is Colonel Spencer & contact info is Please feel free to send me an e-mail & we can get started to discuss options.

    Recent accomplishments: 4 consecutive 50+ wins.

    Casualty Red: 7/7 +30%
    Health Regen: 7/7 -30%
    Ground Att: 7/7 +35%
    Air Att: 7/7 +35%
    Infantry Att: 7/7 +35%
    Sea Att: 7/7 +35%
    Infantry Def: 7/7 +35%
    Ground Def: 7/7 +35%
    Air Def: 7/7 +35%
    Sea Def: 7/7 +35%
    Building Def: 7/7 +35%
    Building Output: 7/7 +35%
    Guild Increase +40
    We use DocBOT.

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    Jun 2012
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    Merge with Wow

    Merge with WOW, Faction Invite Code 744-763-768
    We have 17 open slots for you to fill in.

    Our faction bonuses are as follows:
    Building def +35%
    Building output +25%
    Ground def +35%
    Ground attk +20%
    Air def +35%
    Air attk +15%
    Sea def +35%
    Sea attk +15%
    Infantry def +35%
    Infantry attk +30%
    Casualty rate -14%
    Health regen time -30%

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    Jun 2014
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    Modern War
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    We have two factions both have bonuses maxed out . Could find home for 20-30 members of a team that may be in trouble and start a third faction up details below on how to talk with us .
    Tell them julian sent you

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    Exclamation Top 25 Date

    Angry, simple-minded, balding, partially blind ex-circus flipper boy with a passion for covering lovers in sour cream and gravy seeks exotic, heavily tattooed piercing fanatic, preferably hairy, either sex, for whippings, bizarre sex and fashion consulting. No freaks.

    Kidding aside...

    We are 30 good looking(with a few baldies), young(apart from old ones), worldly(think we have a guy from texas… don't mind him) individuals who like to sprinkle gold. Our hobbies include frequent bathroom breaks, mindless tapping and monkey training as well as being screamed at by the other half. "You" are 30 like minded individuals that like to climax 50 times in your quest for top25 world domination.

    pm me!

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    Jun 2014
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    Modern War
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    We are looking to merge some into our faction fully boosted details below and some into our sister faction depending on stats

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    Jun 2014
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    Modern War
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    Wat kind of stats you guys got?

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    Jun 2014
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    Modern War
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    Looking for 10 members for our main and 20 for our second faction best stats and activity dependant , feel you want a change come join us details below

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    Top 500 Delta Dawgs 33 is maxed out in bonuses and has 18 spots for a small crew that wants to join us

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